Extra Student Wellbeing Support

Extra Wellbeing Support –

In the current CO-VID crisis, extra “Care” support is available to ALL clients (past & present) of Master Coaching and Tuition.

As a trained Pastoral Care  (Chaplain) + Community services worker, Peter is well equipped to assist Students and their Families in the following areas:

A) “Life Assist” Program – $40 p.mth (subsidized 50% for MCAT clients):


For those newly settled in Australia or Young people starting out in life,  Peter’s  Aussie Life “Life Assist” program is very valuable.

Gain the necessary skills / knowledge necessary for mastering the “Australian Way of Life”.

The introductory e-Booklet costs $20.

B) A quality “Industry” Library: accessible @ $25 per year

If your Child / Teenager is interested to learn of the aspects to Workforce entrance and particular Business matters,

we can assist with titles in our MCAT Library of over 300 titles.

Terms of use are for ONE Month lending and $25 annual subscription


C)  Money Management Coaching for Families & Young Adults

Coach: Peter Nicholls  B.Com (Acc+Fin) – Past Management Accountant

lady counting

Would your Young adult value lessons on:  Managing their Money?

  • Gain the Invaluable skills critical for maintaining a Budget
  • Understand the vital importance of “Living within Their Means”
  • Become proficient using a (Smartphone- Android) Budgeting App
  • Explore avenues for BOOSTING Weekly income

Classes Start from $80AU per hour

(Note: A $20 Discount is available for Pensioners)

Peter’s origins in skilled Budgeting expertise comes from early training in Chartered and Management Accounting.

A $20 “Money Smarts for Young Adults” e-Guide  can be ordered from Peter

Disclaimer: “Money Smarts” Coaching mainly consists discussing “general Money Management principles” and distinctly excludes the promotion of any specific Financial Products or Services