LANTITE Numeracy Exam Tutoring

Tutor: Dylan Bissell

Dylan Bissell (Bachelor of Education: Early Childhood and Primary)
is a highly devoted and passionate mathematical tutor that has spent
years continuing to develop the method in which he teaches. Dylan
can teach all age groups; primary school, high school, university and
lantite numeracy. Helping to reach your mathematical goals.
Dylans strong point and passion has always been Mathematics. This
has led him to pass the Lantite Numeracy test on his first attempt.
Dylan is confident he will be able to coach anyone who needs
tutoring prior to sitting their lantite test. His experience and
knowledge of the lantite test, will allow him to prepare his students
to achieve.
Dylan is currently an early childhood teacher and has been for three
years. As an early childhood teacher, one of the most important
responsibilities is developing and implementing a curriculum to assist
in meeting learning outcomes. Dylan has also been a tutor for over
three years where he has assisted students to achieve their learning

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not
finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” Lloyd

Dylan is a strong believer in the importance of working out problems
independently rather than having the answer given to you. This is
what his teaching strategy is based off. Ensuring students develop
the ability to work autonomously, and gain the skills to find

Dylan is able to meet all your mathematical learning needs and build
confidence in the subject by offering a curriculum that is best suited
to the way that you learn. Dylan personalizes his education by using
the interests of his students as the backbone of how the learning is
created and delivering each session. Each session will teach to
develop the student’s strengths while minimising the students’ weaknesses.

Dylan displays great interpersonal skills and will ensure
that the student/family is kept up to date with everything that occurs
with feedback from each session.

The curriculum that is delivered by Dylan is delivered with a
combination of gathering knowledge from a variety of different
reliable sources, collaborating while going through examples relating
to the chosen topic, working through a variety of different learning
opportunities to create further understanding, completing
homework in order to develop further and asking open ended
questions throughout to gather an understanding of how conclusions
are met.

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