Life Coaching

About the Coaches:

Elizabeth is a trained Positive Education teacher, through many Professional Development Seminars over the many years of being a Secondary School teacher. Elizabeth is the coordinator and teaching mentor to the Year 7 Bounce teaching team and teaches ‘Bounce’, which is a Positive Education program at the secondary school where she is currently teaching. A lot of what Elizabeth teaches is from the Resilience Project and UR Strong Project, which uses Positive Psychology Principles. As a teacher and tutor, Elizabeth understands how it feels to be in a highly stressful profession and how to manage a heavy workload, constantly planning and making decisions, relating to students, parents and teachers. Elizabeth has so much to teach you and share with you from her life experiences and overcoming obstacles in her life.

Peter has had many years of experience in life coaching people of all ages and stages in life.  He is the Community-Care Manager of Life Care Partners, assisting New Australians and Young Adults get established in Australia.  With longstanding roles in World Vision and Salvation Army, Peter has had an enriching life of relating to children and adults from all around the world.  As a highly relatable, empathetic person, Peter has the outstanding ability to share a highly uplifting and positive view on life – he will certainly help you to right-side your perspectives.

Goal Setting Coaching:

Do need a sense of direction in your life? Do you need guidance in goal setting? Learn how to set reasonable, realistic, achievable goals in your life.

Careers Coaching:

Wanting to change careers? Not sure what career you want to pursue beyond secondary school? As a school student, receive helpful guidance as to what study pathway suits you best, such as VCE, VET or VCAL, University or TAFE. Become an expert in the VTAC Schools Guide and how to investigate and learn about the wonderful courses available beyond your secondary schooling. As an adult, find out how best to change careers and the training you may need. Are you thinking about retiring and wondering what to do next? We can help you.

Decision Making Coaching:

Do you need help in making decisions?

Do you find it difficult to make decisions, let alone the right ones? How to make healthy decisions, to benefit yourself and others. What needs to be begun, paused, ended, culled, omitted or included in your life? Find out how.

Character Strengths Coaching: There are 24 Character Strengths. We all use them in some time in our lives. Which ones are your strengths? Which ones do you need to develop and be more aware of? Learn to live and love life better through your understanding of Character Strengths.

Emotional Literacy and Empathy Coaching: Do you hope to obtain strategies in how to manage your emotions and overall, have a positive mindset? Develop your understanding, recognition and awareness of positive and negative emotions and how to regulate your emotions. Learn how to be an empathic person, to yourself and others.

Resilience Coaching: Learn how to be resilient and how to ‘bounce back’ from difficult times. Life is not always easy – learn how to cope and prosper in all situations. Strategies include having a Useful Belief and Growth Mindset.

Mindfulness Coaching: Is your mind ‘full’? Are you ‘mindful’ or ‘mindless’? Allow your mind to flourish through mindfulness strategies, to maximise the use of your mind, when it is active and resting.

Gratitude Coaching: Do you want to be able to show gratitude on a daily basis? Do you wish you could appreciate your life more? Learn about the benefits of practising gratitude/gratefulness/appreciation/thankfulness regularly. Enjoy seeing your mood change, clarity and overall quality of life, starting by being grateful!

Growth Mindset Coaching: Do you need a confidence boost? Want to practise positive self talk? Learn to develop and sustain a Growth Mindset! Develop and embed a range of vocabulary, which enforces a positive change in your brain. Learn to believe: ‘This is difficult, but I’m going to try…’ instead of, ‘This is too hard, I’m going to give up.’
Or, ‘This is easy, I’m just going to do the bare minimum…’ instead of, ‘This is easy, how can I challenge myself? What more can I do?’ Strategies include having a Useful Belief and Growth Mindset.

Friendology and Relationship Coaching: Learn how to foster healthy friendships and relationships, including conflict resolution, putting out ‘friendship fires’, recognising the negative connotations of ‘gossip’ and using the T.H.I.N.K. model when having conversations about others, recognising and combating bullying (being mean on purpose). Friendology and Relationship Coaching will benefit children (e.g. students at school) or adults (e.g. in a workplace or family setting). Pre-marriage and marriage coaching also available.