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We provide quality & comprehensive teaching of important Mathematics skills required for school, exams, your career and for life. 

We have a diverse range of support options available.

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Why we Recommended Coaching and Tuition classes with us: 


  • High-quality, one-on-one coaching and tuition lessons.
  • Qualified teachers, who are supportive, passionate and experts in their subject areas.
  • Receive undivided, individual attention, support, guidance and advice.
  • Have someone journey alongside you as you complete important homework tasks, assignments and exams.
  • Tuition lessons/sessions designed to suit your learning goals and needs.
  • Have your lessons in the comfort of your own home (as we tutor online around Australia and worldwide).
  •  Lessons are an hour in duration and are recorded upon request.
  • Ample strategies, resources, support, guidance and feedback provided.


A team of specialist Mathematics tutors are available to support you in the following areas:


    • Mathematics Yr 7 to 10.
    • Mathematics Year 11 and 12 (Units 1 to 4), including General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Foundation, Tertiary-level Mathematics.
    • GAT Preparation.
    • NAPLAN Numeracy Test Preparation.
    • Entrance and Finishing Exams, including Select Entry School Exams.
    • Scholarship Program Applications.
    • LANTITE Numeracy Examination Preparation.
    • Employment and Career Coaching Support.
    • University Assignment Support.
    • ACER LLN, Police, PSO and Fire Entrance Exams.
    • ADF Aptitude Testing for the Australian Defence Forces: Royal Navy, Australian Army and Air Force (RAAF): Abstract, Numerical, Logical and Verbal Reasoning Skills.

Some quick tips as you study Mathematics:

  1. Use Mathematics apps. recommended by your tutor.
  2. See if you can use Mathematics in everyday life. Link what you are learning to an activity in your day.
  3. Complete practice exams.
  4. Seek support for your learning.

Yr 7-10 Mathematics One-on-one Coaching & Tuition

Online Study Resources for Junior and Middle School Mathematics

Recommended Online Study Resources for Junior and Middle School Mathematics (suitable for students from Year 7 to Year 10)

Year 11-12 & Adult Learners Mathematics One-on-one Coaching & Tuition


University Assignment Support

Teaching Subjects & Courses (including GTPA)








* Online and Offline Support
* Qualified teachers who specialise in your subject area
* Brainstorming
* Structure and design
* Proofreading and editing
* Annotated feedback
* Guidance and support.

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