Yr 7 & Yr 9 NAPLAN Literacy Study Package


English and Mathematics Year 7-12, EAL Year 7-12, Adult EAL, NAPLAN, IELTS, ISLPR, Cambridge, FCE, CAE
ACER Exams: LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy, LLN, Police & PSO

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Yr 7 & Yr 9 NAPLAN Literacy Study Package

  • NAPLAN Literacy Study Package contains the following sections and materials:
  • 1. NAPLAN Literacy Overview
  • 2. NAPLAN Literacy Writing Exam
  • 3. NAPLAN Literacy Language Conventions Exam
  • 4. NAPLAN Literacy Reading Exam
  • Our NAPLAN Literacy Study Package is COMPLIMENTARY (free) if ten one-on-one tuition lessons (for Year 7 or Year 9 English one-on-one tuition) are purchased, in advance.


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