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We provide quality & comprehensive teaching of important Mathematics & Humanities skills required for school, exams, your career and for life. 

We have a diverse range of support options available.

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One-on-one Coaching & Tuition Available (click on hyperlinks):

Year 7 – 10 Mathematics & Humanities

Year 11 – 12 & Adult Learners Mathematics, Geography & History

University Assignment Support

Wellbeing Support Sessions

Why we Recommended Coaching and Tuition classes with us: 


  • High-quality, one-on-one coaching and tuition lessons.
  • Qualified teachers, who are supportive, passionate and experts in their subject areas.
  • Receive undivided, individual attention, support, guidance and advice.
  • Have someone journey alongside you as you complete important homework tasks, assignments and exams.
  • Tuition lessons/sessions designed to suit your learning goals and needs.
  • Have your lessons in the comfort of your own home (as we tutor online around Australia and worldwide).
  •  Lessons are an hour in duration and are recorded upon request.
  • Ample strategies, resources, support, guidance and feedback provided.


A team of specialist tutors are available to support you in the following areas:


    • Mathematics Year 7 to 10.
    • Humanities Year 7 to 10.
    • Geography and History Year 11 and 12.
    • Mathematics Year 11 and 12 (Units 1 to 4), including General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Foundation, Tertiary-level Mathematics.
    • GAT Preparation.
    • NAPLAN Numeracy Test Preparation.
    • Entrance and Finishing Exams, including Select Entry School Exams.
    • Scholarship Program Applications.
    • LANTITE Numeracy Examination Preparation.
    • Employment and Career Coaching Support
    • University Assignment Support.
    • ACER LLN, Police, PSO and Fire Entrance Exams.
    • ADF Aptitude Testing for the Australian Defence Forces: Royal Navy, Australian Army and Air Force (RAAF): Abstract, Numerical, Logical and Verbal Reasoning Skills.

Yr 7-10 Mathematics & Humanities One-on-one Coaching & Tuition

Online Study Resources for Junior and Middle School Mathematics

Recommended Online Study Resources for Junior and Middle School Mathematics (suitable for students from Year 7 to Year 10)

Year 11-12 & Adult Learners Mathematics, Geography & History One-on-one Coaching & Tuition


University Assignment Support

Teaching Subjects & Courses (including GTPA)









* Online and Offline Support
* Qualified teachers who specialise in your subject area
* Brainstorming
* Structure and design
* Proofreading and editing
* Annotated feedback
* Guidance and support.

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Wellbeing Support Sessions

Online Support for students preparing for and sitting their exams:




School Exams

Tertiary Exams

TAFE and Vocational Exams



Alice, your coach, can support you in the following areas:


  • Performance Anxiety Management
  • Stress Management
  • Time & Organisation Management
  • Healthy Mindset Training.
  • Strategies, Resources, Training and Support for effective study and exam taking
  • Suitable for individuals sitting exams at a secondary, tertiary and vocational level.


Sessions are personalised and tailored to suit the individual’s needs. Sessions are recorded upon request.

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