ISLPR Test Study Package




  • A comprehensive study package, covering Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Skills required for the ISLPR Test. Unlimited access.
  • The ISLPR Study Package contains the following materials:

  • 1. ‘ISLPR Overview’ Webinar. Explains what the ISLPR test is, the different sections of the exam to prepare for, how to prepare effectively and how to sit the exam with competence and confidence.
  • 2. ‘ISLPR Part One’ Webinar. Explains the section of the exam that contains the interview. Includes strategies to use, in order to prepare well, along with recommendations of numerous free resources available online.
  • 3. ‘ISLPR Part Two’ Webinar, which covers the writing section of the exam and includes sample responses with explanations and resources, in order to prepare effectively.
  • 4. Three webinar video recordings, each approximately twenty to thirty minutes each in duration.
  • 5. Three PowerPoint Presentations, to accompany the webinar video recordings.
  • 6. Reading Comprehension, Writing Prompts, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary, Speaking and Listening worksheets and activities, including answers, are included in a Worksheets folder, in order to equip the individual with sound skills ready for the exam, for their career and for life.
  • 7. Sample responses to the writing exam (in addition to the sample responses covered in Webinar #2).


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