Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – Individual and Group Coaching and Tuition

Coaching and Tutoring Venue:

Face-to-face coaching and tutoring occurs at tutors’ homes, following strict COVID-19 safe practices.

Coaching and tutoring that occurs at another venue, such as the student’s home or at a public place such as a public library, must be agreed upon by both the tutor and student (or parent if the student is a dependent child). Extra fees may apply for travelling and time costs.

Tutors abide by COVID-19 safe practices, laws and guidelines.

Online lessons

Online lessons, Australia-wide, are conducted on Skype or Zoom.

Commencement of coaching/tuition:

Trial lesson:

A twenty-minute complimentary trial lesson is available, for all individual  enquiries, before formal commencement of coaching/tuition. This includes an orientation of the learning space, discussion about proposed planning and scope of learning, as well as the opportunity for students, parents and individuals to ask questions, in order to make an informed decision before commencement of coaching and/or tuition.

Attendance to lessons:

It is recommended that students attend weekly lessons, in order to maximise their learning in their chosen subject and to receive adequate support from their coach or tutor. Lesson bookings are organised directly with the coach or tutor. Lesson times are based upon the availability of both the coach/tutor and the student (or parent if student is a dependent child) and are to occur within the opening hours specified on the home page. Lesson times that occur outside of these specified times are to the discretion of the coach or tutor and to be organised in advanced. This may be for a circumstance such as a student’s examination and the tutor is providing piano accompaniment.

Students are expected to attend their scheduled lesson reserved for them and be punctual. The coach/tutor often has students in a consecutive manner, therefore cannot run overtime if a student is late, or give the student more time if they come early.

Students who miss their scheduled lesson and do not give at least 24 hours’ notice will forfeit their payment and their lesson spot. Students on the cancellation list will be offered the vacant spot. Students who are going to miss lessons for an extended period of time must give at least one month’s notice. Students are urged not to attend lessons if they are unwell, for the health of themselves and others. Cancelling on the day is fine; give as much notice as possible. A make-up lesson may be arranged, subject to coach/tutors’ availability.

Students may wish to take a ‘break’ from lessons for an extended period of time. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the student’s lesson time will be available upon their return, due to commencing lessons with new students who wish to attend lessons regularly. Students are to contact their coach or tutor with as much notice as possible when they wish to resume lessons, so that the coach or tutor can organise a suitable lesson time.

Expectations of students, parents and coaches/tutors:

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a pleasant manner and demonstrate a willingness to learn, complete homework set and strive for excellence in their subject. They are to be open to discuss how they are going in their lesson and at home with set work. They are to be open to feedback and be willing to ask questions and improve their skills. No phones are to be used in lessons and must remain switched off. Common sense hygiene is expected prior and during lessons, for the health of the student and others, especially due to the tactile/kinaesthetic nature of lessons. For example, touching the piano or dining table. Students are expected to have washed their hands with soap and water prior to attending their lesson, or, have used hand sanitiser. Students are to use the liquid soap and water available at our home if students need to wash their hands. Hand sanitiser as well as tissues are readily available.

If students are having their coaching or tutoring sessions online, it is expected that they have a computer/laptop/tablet/iPad in good working order, as well as reliable internet connection. Students to be set up in a room that is quiet, has appropriate lighting and is comfortable and safe. It is also expected that they are familiar with the set up and use of Skype or Zoom, in advance. The resolution of any problems that has occurred with Skype or Zoom must be resolved before lessons commence. If students need assistance with Skype or Zoom set up or use, they are welcome to contact us for assistance.

Parents and guardians are expected to support their dependent child in their learning, by encouraging them to do their best, provide a safe and comfortable environment to complete homework tasks and communicate any information that may assist the coach/tutor as to how are progressing at home or any additional support required in lessons. Parents are welcome to ‘sit in’ on lessons and watch the coach/tutor and be informed as to what the student is learning. Please refrain from taking phone calls whilst your child is having a lesson and please keep your phone on silent.

Coaches/tutors are to facilitate a safe, nurturing, comfortable, enthusiastic, engaging and encouraging environment for all students. They are to be organised, know their students well and effectively plan and sequence teaching for maximum learning outcomes for each student or group. They are to set and follow up on homework, when and where appropriate, in order for students to practise skills taught in the lesson. Work to be modified or extended, when and where necessary.

Length of one-on-one sessions and coaching/tutoring timeframe:

Students who are younger in age would suit having 20, 25 or 30-minute lessons.

Older children, including adolescent learners, should be having 40, 45 or 60-minute lessons.

Adults should be having 60-minute lessons. Longer lessons are in consultation with your coach/tutor and subject to availability.

Please discuss lesson duration with your coach or tutor if you are unsure which lesson timeframe will suit you or your child.

The timeframe of coaching/tutoring depends on the needs of the individual or group. It is recommended that students dedicate themselves to at least one year of coaching or tutoring, in order to see progress and achieve their learning goals in their chosen subject.

Music students should learn their musical instrument for at least one year, in order for them to have an adequate grasp of the playing of their instrument, overall musicianship and for them to have a long-term positive impact on their brain. Generally, music is a long-term commitment, which can be learnt for many years, in order become proficient.

Termination of a session or sessions overall will occur if:

  • The student or parent decides to discontinue lessons and notifies the coach/tutor with at least a month’s notice.
  • Payments are not made, even after reminders of, the past due date.
  • Rude, aggressive or uncooperative behaviour is shown by the student or parent towards the tutor, the parent towards their own child, a parent or student towards another parent or student (singular or plural).
  • Student or students do not attend their scheduled lesson (or miss lessons without prior notice), despite coach/tutor’s reminders via telephone and/or email.
  • A parent or student is dissatisfied with their or their child’s result or an assessment or an exam and blames the coach or tutor for being the sole reason for this undesirable result. A reminder that our approach to learning is not Performance-based nor should be based upon an undesirable exam result. As stated in our teaching philosophies, learning should be a journey, not a destination and not be based upon an exam result. Assessment or examination outcomes are the result of a combination of factors, not just the quality of the coach or tutor’s lessons. Other factors include: the attitude, effort and academic approach of the student towards their studies, both in the lesson and during their own study or practice regime, as well as the support of parent/s.
  • Lessons will be terminated by the tutor or coach if the students’ needs are of a serious, complex or life-threatening nature, beyond the expertise that lessons offer. A counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist will be recommended.

Cost and Payment:

Cost of coaching or tuition depends upon the subject taught and the number of students in the session. Fees are competitive and are reflective upon the coach/tutor’s expertise, experience and qualifications.

Fees are not negotiable.

The coach or tutor will give at least a month’s notice of a fee increase.

Payments for individual lessons are to be made termly, monthly or weekly.

Monthly payments are issued at least one week before the first scheduled lesson for the month and are due the day before the first scheduled lesson for the month. Termly (school calendar) payments are issued at least two weeks before the first scheduled lesson for the month and are due the day before the first scheduled lesson for the term. Electronic transfer only.

Weekly payments (electronic transfers) are to be made at least 24 hours before of the scheduled lesson.

Weekly payments (cash payments) are to be made on the day of the scheduled lesson.

If tutoring occurs on the weekend, it is requested that payments are made on a business day, so that payments are processed in a timely manner.

All online coaching and tuition lessons must be paid for electronically.

Emailing a screenshot of payment is suggested.

Timely payment confirms and secures your lesson time scheduled for you.

Invoices are provided.

Students who do not pay the day before their scheduled lesson time will have their lesson timeslot forfeited and will need to reschedule their lesson time.

Other support services, such as writing letters for applications to your university, resume writing and job application support, university assignment support, a one-hour payment prior to the commencement of the support service, is required and will be invoiced to the student or parent. Additional time spent completing the support service will be invoiced after the support service has been completed by the tutor.

Students who are funded by NDIS will have invoices and receipts sent to NDIS.

Please note: A refund will not be given if the student discontinues lessons before the payment for the lesson has been used.

Students (or parents if student is a dependent child) are expected to pay for cost of learning/study materials recommended by the coach/tutor, such as workbooks, textbooks, Music books and practice exams. This includes examination enrolment costs with an external assessor and musical instrument servicing fees (of the student’s musical instrument). The coach or tutor will provide to students free resources when and where appropriate.

Group lessons:

Group lessons are to be paid for in advance, as a lump sum, covering the duration of the group lesson course. Please contact your tutor for the latest group lesson fee.

No refunds will be provided if a student cannot attend a lesson or if there is a ‘change of mind’. Payments are not transferrable. All students, including absent students, will be emailed the materials of the lesson, as well as a Zoom video recording of the lesson.

Group lessons are conducted on Zoom. Participants are to demonstrate appropriate behaviour on Zoom, whether they are attending a live webinar, individual or group lesson.

Webinars, Recommended LANTITE Exam Resources, Job Application/Resume Writing Support and University Assignment Support:

Registration, Cost and Payment:

Registration for webinars (live or pre-recorded) occur through payment of webinar and the receiving of a confirmation email/message with information detailing the webinar. This includes the webinar Zoom link and passcode. Paying participants will have unlimited access to recordings of the live webinar, as well as PDF encrypted document of the notes in the PowerPoint, emailed to each paying participant. Please use the same passcode to access the PDF, which is to be used to access the live webinar. Paying participants may choose to not attend the live webinar, but instead, just watch the video recording. This is to be specified upon registration.

Please visit our LANTITE Literacy or Numeracy page on our website for the current pricelist for webinars.

There are no concessions available.

Participants to make their payment via this PayPal link:


Upon payment, participants must provide their first and last name, as well as their email address and the name of the webinar they wish to attend, in the message box, so that the presenter can email or message them the information about the upcoming webinar. A receipt of payment will be included in the email or message. Participants are welcome to pay for more than one webinar, in the same transaction. You will need to enter the amount manually, as PayPal begins with a starting amount of $0.00

If participants do not have a PayPal account or do not wish to pay via PayPal, are to contact the presenter via their website (www.mastercoachingandtuition.com.au) or Facebook page (facebook.com/mcataustralialantite) and organise to pay via electronic bank transfer. An invoice will be provided.

Cash payment, cheques or money orders will not be accepted.

Payments made after this time may miss out on receiving information on how to join the live webinar and their payment may be forfeited. Please contact Master Coaching and Tuition promptly if your payment is late.

A refund will not be given because of ‘change of mind’ or if a participant cannot or does not attend a webinar for any reason. Payment for non-attended webinars cannot be used as credit for an upcoming webinar session. Payments are not transferrable.

Master Coaching and Tuition’s Facebook page will have an event containing information about the webinar, for example, date and time (AEST/AEDT). Zoom details will not be displayed publicly on this event page and, as mentioned above, will be emailed or messaged to paying participants.

Webinars will be conducted on Zoom. Webinars are approximately one hour in duration. This includes a presentation by the presenter, then and short Q&A session. Questions that are of a complex nature and/or may require a considerable amount of time to answer, will need to be responded to in an individual consultation at a time organised by the presenter, with the participant. This time to be organised after the webinar has concluded between the presenter and the participant asking the question.

It is expected that participants have a computer/laptop/tablet/iPad in good working order, as well as reliable internet connection.

Participants to be set up in a room that is quiet, has appropriate lighting and is comfortable and safe.

Participants to be familiar with the set up and use of Zoom, in advance. The resolution of any problems that has occurred with Zoom must be resolved before the webinar commences. If participants need assistance with Zoom set up or use, they are welcome to contact us for assistance, well in advance of, scheduled webinar sessions.

Participants to use the Zoom Meeting Link (or Personal Meeting ID (PMI)) and passcode, provided to them via email or Facebook Business Page message, sent to them once payment has been made.

Participants to be in the Zoom waiting room a couple of minutes before the webinar commences, so that the presenter can confirm attendance and then make a prompt start of the webinar session.

Should troubleshooting occur at the time of the webinar, for example, a participant cannot join the waiting room despite following the usual setup, must message Master Coaching and Tuition via their Facebook page immediately. It cannot be guaranteed that the presenter will have time to help a participant to join, should the participant require this, if the webinar has already commenced. The presenter will do their best to help a participant to join the webinar if they are having trouble joining.

Webinar access and resources are strictly for the paying participant only and not to be shared with non-paying persons.

Participants to display their first name (surname optional) on their screen and have this displayed when they enter from the waiting room. The name on the screen must match the name of the payee. If the payee is different to the participant, this must be specified in an email or message to the presenter prior to the day of the webinar.

Participants to join with computer audio.

The mute button must be turn on at the beginning on the webinar and left on for the duration of the webinar. The mute button may be turned off if a participant’s hand is raised and the presenter invites them to speak. Students are encouraged to ask questions during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar, rather than during the presentation. Students to write down questions they may have during the presentation and ask the presenter at the end, on a piece of paper or on the ‘chat’ section of the Zoom meeting (visible to the ‘host’ or to ‘everyone’). The webinar is not an interactive group tutorial but rather a ‘lecture-style’ session. Group tutoring sessions can be arranged outside of the webinar time. Furthermore, webinars will be recorded. If participants ask questions during the presentations, their voice and/or face will be included in the recording.

Participants’ video camera must remain on at all times. Otherwise, the participant will be asked to turn their video camera on and may be removed from the webinar session.

Participants are not to screen record or film the webinar presented, nor take screenshots of information presented. A PDF of the presentation will be emailed to paying participants after the webinar session, which will be encrypted with the same passcode as the Zoom session.

Participants will be removed from the webinar if they demonstrate rude, aggressive or uncooperative behaviour towards the presenter or other participants and may be banned from joining future webinars.

Webinars will be recorded for purchase at a later date, for participants who are unable to attend the live webinar. The webinar recordings will exclude greeting participants at the beginning and the Q&A session at the end.

LANTITE Practice Exams:

Each online practice exam has been written in the style of an actual exam and is to be treated like a real exam,  completed only once.

There are 65 questions. Give yourself two hours to complete (or longer, if you have been granted a Reasonable Adjustment). Set a timer. Read each text, then answer the questions.

Pre-service teachers will be emailed the following materials:

  1. Online exams via a Google Forms link.
  2. A Google Drive folder containing the texts (for Literacy Practice Exams) and answers (with detailed explanations) have been provided via PDF documents.
  3. Receipt of payment.

Payment for LANTITE Practice Exams to be made via PayPal or electronic bank transfer, in consultation with Elizabeth, the Director of Master Coaching and Tuition, Lead Tutor, Webinar writer, presenter and LANTITE Literacy Practice Exam writer.

Job Application/Resume Writing Support and University Assignment Support 

Job Application/Resume Writing Support and University Assignment Support consists of guidance, advice, feedback and overall support, to assist you in writing your job application/resume and assignment/s.
This kind of support strictly does not consist of completing your job applications or assignments (partial or in its entirety) on your behalf. This is a serious breach of university assignment and job application policies. It is also dishonest and unethical.
Individuals are encouraged to complete a draft of their work prior to their first appointment. We will provide corrective feedback for your work, such as mechanics of writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and overall expression), structure and layout. We can also assist you with ideas for your writing, such as brainstorming of ideas or topic-specific matter.
An initial one-hour appointment is invoiced to the individual. The invoice (emailed separately to this email) is due at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Payment is required to confirm your appointment booking.
If you require an additional appointment, another appointment will be organised and another invoice given accordingly.
If the tutor needs to support you outside of the appointment time/s, such as suggestions towards the editing and drafting process, an invoice will be sent afterwards. An hourly rate will be charged for the time spent in total.

Legal and Ethics:

Information provided in LANTITE Webinars and LANTITE Practice Exams are for educational purposes only and are to be used as a guide for studying for upcoming LANTITE examinations. Master Coaching and Tuition is not affiliated with any universities or other tutoring businesses or companies. Participants are encouraged to use information provided for private study only and not to use webinars, recommend resources or LANTITE Practice Exams as the only form of study/preparation for the examination. Master Coaching and Tuition is not to be blamed if students are not successful in LANTITE examinations and takes no responsibility for less than satisfactory results. Participants are encouraged to seek individual or group coaching and tuition with Master Coaching and Tuition, should they wish to seek further support and build upon skills and concepts covered in webinars or practice exams.

Webinar materials and LANTITE Practice Exams are strictly for the use of the payee only and are not to be sold for profit, shared with other people or replicated/reproduced in any way.


Coaches and tutors welcome feedback about the quality of coaching and tuition.

Feel free to fill in a review on our Facebook page, Google Business page, or please fill in the enquiry form on our ‘Contact Us ‘ page on our website.

Feedback given about our services may be used anonymously on our Facebook pages or on our Testimonials page on our website.