Terms and Conditions





a. Please note that, when purchasing our products and services, all individuals are required to read, understand and abide by (via a tick box) our Terms and Conditions before they can proceed to our checkout. This explanation and tick box is displayed on our website above the ‘Add to Cart’ button, for each product and service displayed.
b. When we receive a notification of a receipt of an individual’s payment for a product or service, it states that the individual has read, understood and will abide by to our Terms and Conditions.
c. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before committing to purchasing our products and services.

d. Our products and services are categorised into three main levels of support: low, moderate and high. Please use as a guide only.


1. Online lessons


1.1 Online lessons, Australia-wide and worldwide (for students living abroad), are conducted on Zoom. We do not conduct face-to-face lessons.

1.2 Students are expected to have an account with Zoom. A basic Zoom account is free. If a student has a paid Zoom account, they are responsible for paying for their own Zoom account.

1.3 Upon request, lessons can be video-recorded to watch afterwards. One-on-one tuition recorded videos will be available to watch for approximately one week.

1.4 The video recording is strictly to be used by the student (and parent) only.


2. One-on-one Tuition, Initial 20-minute Consultation


2.1 Individuals wanting one-on-one tuition must book and attend an initial twenty-minute consultation before the commencement of hourly coaching/tuition sessions. This includes an orientation of the subject matter, discussion about proposed planning and scope of learning, factoring in the student’s learning needs, goals, strengths and areas that require improvement. It is also an opportunity for students (and parents or guardians) to ask questions, in order to make an informed decision whether or not they would like to proceed with the commencement of hourly coaching and/or tuition sessions.

2.2 Students must complete, in a prompt manner, the short survey attached to the confirmation email prior to their one-on-one 20-minute consultation. The survey includes questions for the student to answer in regards to their learning history, learning needs and their availability for lessons. Students will then be allocated to a tutor based on their survey responses. The information provided in the short survey will be kept confidential and is to be used to help the tutor prepare for the consultation and regular, hourly sessions (if the student proceeds with hourly lessons after the consultation).

2.3 In preparation for the one-on-one 20-minute consultation, students must complete the short diagnostic test (for LANTITE students) or any other materials provided by the tutor prior to the consultation. Failure to do so will impact the effectiveness of the consultation and the ability for the tutor to be able to gauge the student’s current skill levels and areas that require improvement.

2.4 Tutors will email students or parents and suggest days and times suitable for the one-on-one 20-minute consultation and hourly lessons (if the student proceeds with hourly lessons after their 20-minute consultation). Tutors will do their best to accommodate students’ availability, as indicated in the short survey responses; however, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the tutor’s availability will completely match the students’. Students are advised to have a reasonable level of flexibility with their availability, so that the student can proceed with a consultation and lessons with a tutor.

2.5 Students or parents are to respond to the tutor’s email within three days. If the student did not receive the tutor’s email in their inbox, they are to check their junk or spam box. We take no responsibility for students who don’t check their email boxes regularly nor carefully.

Failure to respond to the tutor’s email will result in the student being allocated to have a consultation with another tutor (subject to availability) or, will result in the student missing out on being booked in altogether (as tutors can book out quickly). Students will also forfeit their consultation fee if tutors have made reasonable efforts to organise a consultation but have been unsuccessful in receiving communication from the student or parent.

2.6 Students or parents must decide within one week, whether or not they would like to proceed with hourly lessons after their one-on-one 20-minute consultation, in order to not forfeit their spot with the tutor and as a courtesy to tutors who are often busy and who tend to book out quickly, with students on a waiting list.

2.7 If students would like to have a 20-minute consultation with another tutor before deciding which tutor to proceed with, students are required to make another 20-minute consultation payment via our website.

2.8 Students who have completed our LANTITE Group Tuition Online Course/s and would like further support through LANTITE One-on-one Tuition are exempt from purchasing a 20-minute consultation if they have completed the Literacy or Numeracy Course within the calendar year and are seeking one-on-one tuition support through the tutor who provided them with group tuition support. If students are seeking one-on-one tuition support outside of the calendar year, they will be required to purchase a 20-minute consultation, mainly because the group tuition tutor has not supported them recently and need to gauge their progress in a 20-minute consultation before an hourly session (or more) is purchased and booked. Group tuition students are encouraged to purchase a 20-minute consultation if they are not sure whether or not they need one-on-one tuition support and thus to discuss their learning needs before proceeding to purchase hourly sessions. Furthermore, group tuition tutors may request that group tuition students have a 20-minute consultation prior to commencing one-on-one tuition hourly sessions, should they deem this necessary, especially if the student requires a lot of further support.

2.9 Students who have completed our LANTITE Group Tuition Online Course/s, or, students who have previously sought LANTITE One-on-one Tuition Support and would like further support through LANTITE One-on-one Tuition must purchase either a 20-minute consultation (see point 2.8) or at least one hourly session. (Students are welcome to purchase a Package of more than one lesson, such as the Gold or Platinum Package.) This is so the student can be placed on the group tuition tutor’s waiting list, as often the group tuition tutor is in high demand and the student needs to demonstrate their commitment to the one-on-one tuition program through the payment of one of these sessions.

2.10 If a student who completed a LANTITE Group Tuition Online Course would like LANTITE One-on-one Tuition support with a tutor who is a one-on-one tutor but not a group tuition tutor, must purchase and complete a 20-minute consultation prior to commencing hourly session.

2.11 For new students, bookings close for one-on-one tuition support four weeks or 28 days before the date of their test. This includes LANTITE, IELTS and and ISLPR Test students. This means that new students cannot commence one-on-one tuition support with us after bookings have closed. The main reasons for this are the following:

  • Tutors need ample time to prepare students for their test.
  • Tutors usually don’t have times available if bookings are made at the ‘last minute’, even if students only want a few hourly sessions.
  • Students need time to practise and to show improvement in the skills taught in their lessons by completing homework and practice tests.

Returning or current students (i.e. students who have taken a break and have returned to tuition sessions, or, students who have completed group tuition support) may, to the tutor’s discretion, book lessons within 28 days of their test date.

If students have missed out on receiving one-on-one tuition support for their upcoming test, they are encouraged to do the following:

  • Seek group tuition support.
  • Purchase our study materials via our online shop.
  • Defer their test, seek one-on-one or group tuition support and sit their test at a later date.


2.12 Students who are awaiting test results are not to book a initial 20-minute consultation nor hourly sessions with us. Students are to wait until their test results are released and pursue (or resume) one-on-one tuition support if they didn’t pass their test (or sections of their test).


3. Attendance to lessons and lesson times


3.1 It is recommended that students attend weekly, hourly lessons, in order to maximise their learning in their chosen subject and to receive adequate support from their coach or tutor. For students preparing for a test, such as the LANTITE, IELTS or ISLPR Test, we highly recommend attending at least five weekly lessons, so that we can cover all topics, concepts and skills required for adequate preparation, monitor your improvement, provide thorough guidance and advise when you’re ready to sit your exam/s. We also recommend being an active participant by engaging in all class activities with your tutor and completing homework set.

3.2 Students are expected to attend their scheduled lesson reserved for them and be punctual. The coach/tutor often has students in a consecutive manner, therefore cannot run overtime if a student is late, nor give the student more time if they want to start their lesson early. Students are to be in the Zoom ‘waiting room’ at least a couple of minutes before the lesson commences, so that the tutor can confirm their attendance and then make a prompt start of their session.

3.3 Students who miss their scheduled lesson and do not give at least 48 hours’ notice will forfeit their payment and their lesson spot. A student on the cancellation list will be offered the vacant lesson spot.


a. Twenty-minute consultations are automatically cancelled and payment for the 20-minute consultation is forfeited if a student does not attend their 20-minute consultation within the first ten minutes. The 20-minute consultation will be considered a ‘no show’. The tutor reserves the right to terminate the session if they have waited for the student for a maximum of ten minutes and the student does not attend within that timeframe. Students will be sent an email and will be required to make another 20-minute consultation by purchasing another 20-minute consultation in order to make another booking.

b. Hourly lessons are automatically cancelled and payment for the lesson is forfeited if a student does not attend their lesson within the first fifteen minutes. The lesson will be considered a ‘no show’. The tutor reserves the right to terminate the hourly session if they have waited for the student for a maximum of fifteen minutes and the student does not attend within that timeframe. Students will be sent an email and will be required to make another lesson time using remaining lesson credit or purchase another lesson in order to make another booking.

3.5 If a student is ill and cancels their scheduled lesson with less than 48-hours’ notice, a medical certificate must be provided to their tutor, in order to avoid forfeiting their lesson payment. A make-up lesson may be arranged, subject to coach/tutors’ availability.

3.6 Students who miss two weeks of lessons (two occurrences or two consecutive weeks) with or without 48-hours’ notice, will forfeit their weekly lesson timeslot and be placed on the waiting list. Their timeslot will be allocated to a student on the waiting list. The student will need to find another timeslot that the tutor has available or the student will be allocated to another tutor who is available. Tutors are often preparing students for an exam within a short timeframe and would like to ensure that students who can commit to regular weekly or bi-weekly lessons can do so.

3.7 Students are to be familiar with the different timezones that are apparent in Australia. This includes students studying abroad (i.e. overseas). This includes when AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) is running between the months of October and April. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they attend their lesson at the time scheduled by their tutor.

3.8 Students may like to take a ‘break’ from lessons for an extended period of time and are to organise this with their tutor in advance. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the student’s lesson time will be available upon their return, due to commencing lessons with new students who wish to attend lessons regularly. It also cannot be guaranteed that the same tutor will be available and the student may be given to another tutor available. Students are to contact their coach or tutor with as much notice as possible when they would like to resume lessons so that the coach or tutor can organise suitable lesson times. Students are to take into consideration, when taking a break from lessons, when their lesson credit expires. Please refer to Section 5.12 for more information about lesson credit expiry dates.

3.9 Lesson times are based upon the availability of both the coach/tutor and the student (or parent if student is a dependent child) and are to occur within our opening hours. Please refer to our Google Business Page and Facebook Page for our opening hours. Lesson times that occur outside of these specified times are to the discretion of the coach or tutor and are to be organised in advance.

3.10 Tutors reserve the right to change the day/s and/or time/s of students’ session/s due to tutor unavailability, illness or emergency. The Director reserves the right to allocate students to another tutor due to tutor unavailability, illness or emergency. The Director will contact the students with as much notice as possible.

3.11 Students who do not communicate regularly with their tutor and/or do not make a reasonable effort to book in weekly lessons with their tutor and/or do not make themselves available within a reasonable timeframe each week and/or if they are not contactable via email or phone, forfeit their place with the tutor and will be placed on the waiting list.


4. Expectations of students, parents and coaches/tutors:




4.1 Students are expected to conduct themselves in a pleasant manner and demonstrate a willingness to learn, complete homework set, strive for excellence in their subject and to be open to the expert advice, guidance and support of their tutor or coach. They are to be open to discuss how they are going in their lesson and at home with set work. They are to be open to feedback and be willing to ask questions and improve their skills.

4.2 We expect that students demonstrate the following qualities and habits:

  • Being regularly contactable and communicative through a reliable email address;
  • Attending regular tuition;
  • Allowing a reasonable amount of time before they attempt their test/s;
  • Completing homework;
  • Upholding an effective study regime;
  • Show respect towards their tutor. (We will not tolerate manipulative, demanding or threatening behaviour nor unreasonable requests.)
  • A willingness to take tutor’s advice;
  • The ability to self reflect on their learning, including having an awareness of areas of strength and weakness;
  • Having a willingness to learn from mistakes and improve;
  • Studying materials equivalent to test standards, provided or recommended by their tutor;
  • Seeking support for their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and health, if necessary.
  • Understand that it’s ultimately the responsibility of the student to reach the standard in the test they sit.

Overall, with our specialist coaching and tuition support, our students have a high success rate with their homework, assignments and exams. The students who are successful overall demonstrate the above qualities and habits.


4.3 Students are to respect their tutor’s time and refrain from contacting tutors outside of their class time. If students need to contact a tutor to organise their lesson time, this should be done during their lesson. If a student needs to ask a quick question or enquire about the time of their lesson, this should be done via email. Students are not to expect tutors to respond to requests that take up a tutor’s unpaid time (outside of class time). This includes requests that are lengthy, unreasonable, outside of a tutor’s expertise or irrelevant to the tutor’s job as a tutor to the student. Students should contact their tutor during business hours and expect a response during business hours, in return.

4.4 Students are to attend at least five lessons, one hourly lesson per week, in preparation for an upcoming exam, so that tutors can cover all topics, concepts and skills required for adequate preparation, monitor a student’s improvement, provide thorough guidance and advise when the student ready to sit their exam/s. Tutors do not tutor students on a once-off basis (one lesson only). Neither do we tutor students several lessons in a week. Students need time in between sessions to practise skills taught through the completion of homework tasks, practice exams and the like.

4.5 No phones are to be used in lessons and must remain switched off, as phones can be a distraction to a student’s attention in lessons and to their overall learning.

4.6 Students are to have a computer/laptop/tablet/iPad in good working order, as well as reliable internet connection.

4.7 Students are to be set up in a room that is quiet, has appropriate lighting and is comfortable and safe.

4.8 It is also expected that students are familiar with the set up and use of Zoom, in advance. The resolution of any problems that has occurred with Zoom must be resolved before lessons commence. If students need assistance with Zoom set up or use, they are welcome to contact us for assistance. If the set up process takes some time, the student or parent will be charged for the time taken to set up Zoom.

4.9 Student’s video camera must remain on at all times. Otherwise, the students will be asked to turn their video camera on and the lesson may be terminated if the student refuses to cooperate.


Parents and Guardians 


4.10 Parents and guardians are expected to support their dependent child in their learning, by encouraging them to do their best, provide a safe and comfortable environment to complete homework tasks and communicate any information that may assist the coach/tutor as to how they are progressing at home or any additional support required in lessons.

4.11 Parents are welcome to ‘sit in’ on lessons and watch the coach/tutor and be informed as to what the student is learning.

4.12 Please refrain from taking phone calls whilst your child is having a lesson and please keep your phone on silent.

4.13 Parents are not to take photos nor video record lessons.




4.14 Coaches/tutors are to facilitate a safe, nurturing, comfortable, enthusiastic, engaging and encouraging environment for all students.

4.15 Coaches/tutors are to be organised, know their students well and effectively plan and sequence teaching for maximum learning outcomes for each individual student or group.

4.16 Coaches/tutors are to keep their cameras and microphone on at all times.

4.17 Coaches/tutors are to set and follow up on homework, when and where appropriate, in order for students to practise skills taught in the lesson. Work to be modified or extended, when and where necessary.

4.18 Coaches/tutors are not responsible for the results of a student’s exams, assignments or assessments.

4.19 Tutors reside in AEST and AEDT timezones. Tutors are to let students know what timezone they reside in and will remind students to take into consideration timezone differences due to AEDT, if applicable (occurring between October and April each year).


5. Fees, Payments, Lesson Bookings:


5.1 Fees are not negotiable and are subject to change without notice.

5.2 Our prices are competitive, reflective of a professional and polished online tutoring company that employs dedicated, passionate, highly-trained, experienced, qualified teachers and coaches who are specialists in their subject area/s and are paid award, hourly rates.

5.3 Prices displayed on the website are GST exclusive. GST is added upon checkout. Tax receipts are provided upon checkout, in your confirmation email, which includes our business ABN.

5.4 All payments incur a 2 per cent (%) processing fee.

5.5 Clients are welcome to pay via direct debit. We can organise an invoice for you. Please contact us via our Contact page if you would like this arranged. Payments must be made upfront, not in instalments, if paying via direct debit (invoice).

5.6 There are no concessions available.




5.4 Payments for one-one-on-one lessons are to be made ten lessons in advance, five lessons in advance, or individual lessons (i.e. pay for one lesson at a time).

5.5. Payments for webinars can be made for individual webinars or webinars in a package.

5.6 Payments for a group tuition course needs to be made for the entire course (i.e. you cannot make payments for each class).

5.7 Payments are to be made at the time of booking. Lesson times are confirmed when payment has been made. If students do not make payment for their lessons at least 48-hours beforehand, their lesson time is not confirmed and their lesson time is forfeited.

5.8 Payments are confirmed through a confirmation email with an order number sent through the Director’s website and emailed to the the payer. Junk and spam email boxes are to be checked if the payer does not receive the confirmation email in their inbox. If a confirmation email with an order number is not received by either the Director or the payer within minutes of putting in the order, the payment has not been successful. The payer is to check with their financial institutions to see if their payment is pending or has failed.

5.9 Cancellations must occur at least 48 hours before the scheduled lesson, to avoid forfeiting the lesson payment. Lessons may be rescheduled at least 48 hours before the scheduled lesson that has been paid for.

5.10 Our Terms and Conditions are for the best interest of both students and tutors. Often tutors become booked out and have a waiting list. Your tutor does preparations for your scheduled lesson. We offer cancelled lessons to other students who need a lesson, especially during peak exam periods. Students are to treat their lesson times with priority, so that they do not forfeit their payment when they cancel less than 48 hours before their scheduled lesson. Students are urged to ensure they are committed to the lessons (and the subject/exam overall) they want to book before making payments.

5.11 Payments are final and refunds will not be given, including if a student discontinues lessons before the payment for the lesson has been used. Please choose carefully before purchasing our products and services.

5.12 Lesson credit expires in the following timeframes:

– Bronze Package (20-minute consultation), Silver, Rose Gold, Gold and Sapphire Packages expire three months after date of purchase.

– Platinum and Diamond Packages expire six months after date of purchase.

– University Assignment Support,  Wellbeing Support Sessions and Employment and Career Coaching and Support credits expire three months from date of purchase. This includes the 20-minute consultations and hourly sessions.

Unused lesson credit will be forfeited and will be considered void. Students or parents are responsible for keeping track of lesson credit/s and ensuring lesson credit is used before its expiry. We hold no responsibility for unused and/or expired lesson credit.

5.13 Students (or parents if student is a dependent child) are expected to pay for the cost of learning/study materials recommended by the coach/tutor, such as workbooks, textbooks and practice exams. This includes examination enrolment costs with an external assessor. The coach or tutor will provide to students free resources when and where appropriate.

5.14 One-on-one tuition sessions purchased through our Bronze (initial 20-minute consultation), Silver (one to four lessons), Gold or Sapphire (five lessons) and Platinum or Diamond Packages (ten lessons) are to be used for one subject area only.  For example, if a student purchases the Gold Package for LANTITE Literacy tuition support, the lessons they have paid for are strictly to be used for LANTITE Literacy lessons only, not both LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy tuition. If the student wants to purchase lessons for LANTITE Numeracy tuition support as well, they are to purchase a separate Tuition Package. Subject selections can be specified using the dropdown boxes upon checkout.

5.15 Payments or lesson credit is not transferrable (i.e. unused one-on-one tuition credit for a particular subject cannot be used for another one-on-one tuition subject and cannot be used for a group tuition course).

For example, unused LANTITE Literacy One-on-one Tuition Support credit cannot be used as credit for LANTITE Numeracy One-on-one Tuition Support.

For example, unused LANTITE Literacy One-on-one Tuition Support credit cannot be used as credit for our LANTITE Literacy  Group Tuition Online Course.

Furthermore, students who purchase our Sapphire and Diamond Packages for LANTITE Literacy or Numeracy Support must use the credit strictly as described on our website:

Sapphire Package includes five LANTITE Literacy/Numeracy One-on-one Tuition Support Sessions and a one-hour Wellbeing Support Session.

Diamond Package includes ten LANTITE Literacy/Numeracy One-on-one Tuition Support Sessions and a one-hour Wellbeing Support Session.


5.16 Payments are to be made only via our website, either upfront or via instalments, using a variety of payment methods. If a student or parent/guardian chooses to pay in instalments, they may need to check with their financial institution/s first, to ensure that they are eligible to pay in instalments and to have the instalment payment option set up before making a payment on our website. We, as the merchant, receive the payment in full. The buyer then pays the instalment amounts to their financial institution/s. There are a variety of payment options available, such as credit/debit card, PayPal, PayPal Pay in 4, AfterPay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

5.17 Cash payment, cheques or money orders will not be accepted.

5.18 Online purchases of our products and services must include the student’s name, address and email address. If a family member is making the purchase for the student, the family member is to provide the student’s details on their behalf. This is important because we need to confirm the details of the student. We also need to be able to regularly contact the student via email and be able to provide the student access to online resources through secure Google Drive folders.


Lesson Bookings


5.16 Booking a consultation or lesson with a tutor or coach is to be made at least 48 hours before scheduled lessons.

5.17 Lesson bookings are to be organised directly with the coach or tutor.

5.18 Once the lesson has been booked, a Zoom Meeting Link (or Personal Meeting ID (PMI)) and passcode, will provided to students.

5.19 Waiting Lists are available with one-on-one tutors who are booked out. A 20-minute consultation payment (Bronze Package) must be made to be placed on a tutor’s Waiting List. The student will be contacted via email when a spot with the tutor becomes available. If a tutor that the student was initially allocated to becomes booked out prior to their 20-minute consultation, the student will be allocated to a tutor who are available.

5.20 If a student requests to change tutors, they must complete a ‘change of tutor’ survey and detail the reason for their request. It cannot be guaranteed that a tutor change can occur due to tutor unavailability (tutors are often booked out leading up to exam periods).



6. University Application Letter for Fourth and Fifth Attempts (for LANTITE Students)


6.1 If LANTITE students require a letter to be written by their tutor to their university, in order to apply for their fourth or fifth attempt, a letter will be written to your university after a period of at least three months or at least ten lessons of one-on-one tuition. Lessons need to be attended on a regular basis.

6.2 We strongly advise that students sit for their fourth or fifth attempt after at least three to six months of one-on-one tuition support and when their tutor says they are ready. Every attempt is crucial. This timeframe allows a thorough assessment, scoping and sequencing of learning goals, time for the student to implement and practise skills taught, time to show improvement and to be adequately prepared, maximising their chance of passing.

6.3 A letter will be written for pre-service teachers if at least ten lessons have been attended, improvement in their progress has been demonstrated and that the pre-service teachers are performing at a level the tutor deems is appropriate to be ready to resit the test. If a tutor deems that the pre-service teacher is demonstrating that they are ready to sit their final attempt prior to completing ten lessons or three months of tutoring, it is to the discretion of the tutor if they prepare a letter.

6.4 If group tuition students need a university letter written for their fourth or fifth attempt, they must complete the course in its entirety first. It’s up to the discretion of the group tuition tutor if the student is demonstrating that they are ready to sit their final attempt through the completion of course activities, homework and practice tests set. An hourly-lesson fee applies if the university letter is written.

6.5 University application letter writing, for fourth or fifth attempts for the LANTITE, is for students who are currently receiving one-on-one tuition support with a tutor, or students who have recently finished one-on-one tuition support with a tutor, or for students who are resuming regular lessons with their tutor after an unsuccessful exam attempt.

6.6 If pre-service teachers would like to have a letter written and they have had less than ten lessons of tuition support, the tutor may refuse to write a letter, mainly because the pre-service teacher may not be demonstrating that they are ready to resit the test.

6.7 Tutors have the right to refuse to write a letter if students do not attend ten lessons, are not showing improvement or are not performing at a level the tutor deems is appropriate to be ready to resit the test. This form of support is in addition to high-quality lessons we provide. Ultimately, it is up to the professional assessment of the tutor whether a letter is to be provided.

6.8 It is inappropriate to demand or simply expect tutors to write a letter of support because students are up to their final attempt.

6.9 Letters will not be written two months after a student’s last lesson.


7. Cessation of a session or sessions overall will occur if:


7.1 Disrespectful, manipulative, abusive, threatening behaviour or behaviour that is deemed unsafe towards the student, parent or tutor, is shown by the student or parent towards the tutor, the parent towards their own child, or a parent or student towards another parent or student (singular or plural). If the student or parents continues to make unreasonable requests of the tutor.

7.2 Students or parents sells for profit, shares with other people or replicates/reproduces in any way a student’s lesson video recording or Master Coaching and Tuition Pty. Ltd.’s copyrighted study materials provided to the student.

7.3 Students continue to cancel their lessons, with or without prior notice, or continue to miss their scheduled lesson times.

7.4 Students are not demonstrating a willingness to commit to lessons regularly and their learning overall.

7.5 Students are ongoingly disrespectful of their tutor’s time, expertise and policies (including our cancellation policy).

7.6 A parent or student is dissatisfied with their or their child’s result for a homework task, assignment, assessment or an exam and blames the coach or tutor for being the sole reason for this undesirable result. A reminder that our approach to learning is not performance-based nor should be based upon an undesirable exam result. As stated in our teaching philosophies, learning should be a journey, not a destination and not be based upon a graded or numerical result. Assessment or examination outcomes are the result of a combination of factors, not just the quality of the coach or tutor’s lessons. Other factors include the following: the attitude, effort and academic approach of the student towards their studies, both in the lesson and during their own study or practice regime, as well as the support of parent/s.

7.7 The tutor or coach deems the students’ needs are of a serious, complex or life-threatening nature, beyond the expertise that lessons offer. A medical doctor, counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist will be recommended.

7.8 Lesson in credit will not be refunded if some or all of a lesson or lessons has been ceased, by the tutor, for any of the above reasons.


8. Group Tuition


8.1 Students who have booked their place in a four-week course block or live webinar cannot transfer their booking to another 4-week course block or live webinar (i.e. to a course or webinar running at a later date or time).

8.2 No refunds will be provided if a student cannot attend a lesson or if there is a ‘change of mind’.

8.3 All students, including absent students, will be emailed the materials of the lesson, as well as a Zoom video recording of the lesson, each week. The LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy Group Tuition Course includes Master Coaching and Tuition’s LANTITE Practice Exams.

8.4 Due to the LANTITE Group Tuition being a ‘guided’, supported course, the classes’ weekly materials will be released after each class or on a weekly basis. Please refer to the PDF Information sheet for more information.

8.5 Group lessons are conducted on Zoom. Participants are to demonstrate appropriate behaviour on Zoom, whether they are attending a live webinar, individual or group lesson.

* More more information about our LANTITE Literacy and LANTITE Numeracy Group Tuition Online Courses, please read our Frequently Asked Questions on our Group Tuition Page.



9. Live Zoom Sessions including Group Tuition and Webinars


Group Tuition and Webinar Registration, Cost and Payment:

9.1 Registration for group tuition and webinars (live or pre-recorded) occur through payment of the group tuition course or webinar, via our website and the receiving of a confirmation email/message with information detailing the group tuition course or webinar. This includes the group tuition or webinar Zoom link and passcode.

9.2 Paying participants will have unlimited access to recordings of the group tuition course or live webinar, as well as PDF encrypted document of the notes in the PowerPoint, emailed to each paying participant. Please use the same passcode to access the PDF, which is to be used to access the group tuition class or live webinar. Paying participants may choose to not attend the live webinar, but instead, just watch the video recording. This is to be specified upon registration. Please visit our LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy page on our website for the current price list for group tuition courses and webinars.

9.3 A refund will not be given because of ‘change of mind’ or if a participant cannot or does not attend a group tuition class or webinar for any reason.

9.4 Payment for non-attended webinars or group tuition sessions cannot be used as credit for an upcoming webinar or group tuition course block. Payments are not transferrable.

9.5 Master Coaching and Tuition’s Facebook page will have an event containing information about our webinars, for example, date and time (AEST/AEDT). Zoom details will not be displayed publicly on this event page and, as mentioned above, will be emailed or messaged to paying participants.

9.6  Webinars are approximately one hour in duration. Group tuition lessons are 90 minutes in duration. This includes an interactive presentation by the tutor, then a short Q&A session.

9.7 Questions that are of a complex nature and/or may require a considerable amount of time to answer, will need to be responded to in an individual consultation at a time organised by the presenter, with the participant. This time to be organised after the webinar has concluded between the presenter and the participant asking the question.

9.8 Should troubleshooting occur at the time of the webinar, for example, a participant cannot join the waiting room despite following the usual setup, must message Master Coaching and Tuition via their Facebook page immediately. It cannot be guaranteed that the presenter will have time to help a participant to join, should the participant require this, if the webinar has already commenced. The presenter will do their best to help a participant to join the webinar if they are having trouble joining.

9.9 Group tuition courses and webinar access and resources are strictly for the paying participant only and not to be shared with non-paying persons.

9.10 Participants to display their first name (surname optional) on their screen and have this displayed when they enter from the waiting room. The name on the screen must match the name of the payee. If the payee is different to the participant, this must be specified in an email or message to the presenter prior to the day of the webinar or group tuition class.

9.11 Participants to join with computer audio.The mute button must be turned on at the beginning on the group tuition class or webinar and left on for the duration of the group tuition course or webinar. The mute button may be turned off if a participant’s hand is raised and the presenter invites them to speak. Students are encouraged to ask lengthy questions during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar or group tuition class, rather than during the presentation. Students to write down questions they may have during the presentation and ask the presenter at the end, on a piece of paper or on the ‘chat’ section of the Zoom meeting (visible to the ‘host’ or to ‘everyone’). The webinar is not an interactive group tutorial but rather a ‘lecture-style’ session. Group tutoring sessions are interactive and collaborative, so short questions in group tuition classes are encouraged. Furthermore, group tuition classes webinars will be recorded. If participants ask questions during the presentations, their voice and/or face will be included in the recording.

9.12 Participants’ video camera must remain on at all times. Otherwise, the participant will be asked to turn their video camera on. This allows the group or webinar session to be more engaging, collaborative and respectful towards the tutor, presenter and other students.

9.13 Participants are not to screen record or film the webinar presented, nor take screenshots of information presented. A PDF of the presentation will be emailed to paying participants after the group tuition class or webinar session, which will be encrypted with the same passcode as the Zoom session.

9.14 Participants will be removed from the group tuition class or webinar if they demonstrate rude, aggressive or uncooperative behaviour towards the presenter or other participants and may be banned from joining future webinars or group tuition sessions or courses.

9.15 Webinars will be recorded for purchase at a later date, for participants who are unable to attend the live webinar.

9.16 Tutors who are presenting a group tuition online course or live webinar reserve the right to change the day/s and/or time/s of the session/s due to tutor unavailability, emergency or if there are not enough students enrolled in the class. Tutors will contact their class or group via email and provide as much notice as possible.

9.17 Tutors are not responsible for organising peer study groups outside of webinar sessions or group tuition course class time. This includes after live webinars or group tuition courses have finished. Furthermore, tutors will not pass on students’ contact details to other students who have signed up for live webinars or group tuition courses.

9.18 Students are welcome to enrol in a course as an absentee, if they cannot attend the live classes. Students who cannot join a class because the class is full or has already begun, are also welcome to enrol as an absentee. Absentee students will be given access to the study materials and video recordings of live classes. They will not have access to the live classes via Zoom. Student absentees do not qualify for a certificate of completion of the course nor a place in a live class in another course block.

9.19 If pre-service teachers enrol in both our LANTITE Literacy and LANTITE Numeracy Group Tuition Online Courses, in the same four-week course block, they receive a discounted price for their booking. This discounted offer is not available if pre-service teachers want to attend each course in separate four-week course blocks. Please refer again to point 8.1: Students who have booked their place in a four-week course block or live webinar cannot transfer their booking to another 4-week course block or live webinar (i.e. to a course or webinar running at a later date or time).

9.20 If a class doesn’t run due to an inadequate amount of enrolments, the tutor reserves the right to do the following steps:

1. Move the students to an upcoming course block, which is running before an upcoming test window (not after an upcoming test window).

2. Provide students with a study booklet free of charge, while they are waiting to attend the next upcoming course block.

3. If there is no upcoming course block coming up (before an upcoming test window), students will be provided full access to class videos from a past course, all resources and provided Zoom call check-ins (similar to the Q&A Sessions provided in live classes) with their group tuition tutor.




10. Study Materials, including for LANTITE independent study, one-on-one and group tuition:


10.1 Specialist LANTITE tutors have both written and compiled the study materials provided via our website. These can be purchased for individual study. They are also included in one-on-one and group tuition packages.
10.2 Upon purchasing our study materials (or, upon purchasing a tuition package, which includes study materials), please check your inbox. You will receive an automated email, which includes your receipt of purchase and Google Drive Folder links, to access the study materials. You will also receive a Study Materials Letter. Please read this, as it explains how to access the Google Drive folders. If you cannot find this email, please check your junk mail folder or spam folder first, Please contact Elizabeth, the Director, if you still cannot find the email after checking these email folders or if you need assistance accessing the materials you have purchased. Please ensure you have read the Study Materials Letter first.
10.3 Purchased study materials are accessible via ‘restricted access’, secure Google Drive folders. Google Drive folders contain contents such as the following: video recordings in mp4 format, PowerPoint presentations in PDF format, mp3 listening files, worksheets (from study booklets) and practice exams in PDF format. You will receive the Google Drive links in the automated email you will receive when you purchase our products. When you click on the link/s, you will ‘Request Access’ to the Google Drive folder/s. The Director will receive an email alert and will then grant you access to these ‘restricted access’ folders, during business hours (local Melbourne time).

10.4 Our study materials are strictly for paying students only.

Our study materials remain the sole
intellectual property of Master Coaching and Tuition and are not to be shared,
published or reproduced. Sharing
products, regardless of their form, is a piracy crime and legal action may be lodged upon breach of this condition.Students who are seen to be sharing our study materials, or attempting to share our study materials, will have their permissions to our online resources removed.
10.5 Study materials are provided in one-on-one and group tuition packages, in addition to the resources your tutor provides in guided lessons. Please visit our tuition pages for more information.
10.6 Please note that if the same tuition package is purchased subsequent times, alternative or additional study materials will not be provided to replace study materials that the student already has access to.
10.7 A friendly reminder that your one-on-one and group tutor provide many resources in your lessons on a guided basis, regardless of which tuition package you purchase. It’s important to allow your tutor to guide and support you as to how to effectively use the resources we provide, to maximise learning outcomes and your chances of passing your assignments, exams and being proficient in your chosen subject overall.
10.6 NO refunds will be given of our study materials and all purchases are final. We provide a clear and comprehensive outline of what materials are included in each package. They are also explained by our team of expert LANTITE tutors, who also explain, in their sessions, the study materials and services that are available from Master Coaching and Tuition. We also have provided promotional videos on our website and YouTube channel, which generously preview our range of products and services. Please be advised that students who have had a ‘change of mind’ or circumstance, or are not fully satisfied with our study materials, for whatever reason, will not qualify for a refund at ANY time. Please consider carefully before purchasing.
10.7 LANTITE tutors have put their utmost effort and a lot of time into crafting and editing our study materials and have used their unpaid time, outside of hectic tutoring schedules. In the event that errors occur in our LANTITE materials, please feel free to contact us, as we are more than happy to amend any errors that have occurred and we welcome constructive feedback at anytime from our clients.
10.8 Students to have access to our Google Drive folders through one email account only. i.e. Students are not to have access to our Google Drive folders through two or more email addresses.
10.9 The email address provided in the online order must be the same as the email address used when accessing our Google Drive folders. If it is not, please email Master Coaching and Tuition and let them know the email address that will be used to access the Google Drive folders. The email address must belong to the student who is accessing the materials.
10.10 Recipients don’t receive instant access to Google Drive folders because they are strictly for paying persons only. The Director needs to (during business hours) check that your order of purchase matches your request (to the Google Drive folder) before granting you access. Please refrain from asking for access multiple times and wait for the Director to give you access.




11. LANTITE Practice Exams


11.1 Each online full-length practice exam has been written in the style of an actual exam and is to be treated like a real exam, completed only once. We discourage pre-service teachers from completing practice exams more than once. Our practice exams are in PDF format and can be printed if required.
11.2 There are 65 questions per practice test. Give yourself two hours to complete (or longer, if you have been granted a Reasonable Adjustment). Set a timer. Read each text or question prompt, then answer the questions. Manually correct your responses using the answers, explanations and study tips at the bottom of the PDF of each practice test. You will be required to manually calculate the amount of questions you answered correctly or incorrectly.
11. 3 Pre-service teachers will be emailed restricted access to the Google Drive folder containing PDFs of the practice exams and the answers (with detailed explanations).

11.4 Our Sample LANTITE Practice Exam consists of 20 questions sampled from our full-length practice exams: 10 Literacy questions and 10 Numeracy questions. If you are seeking Literacy support only, complete the 10 Literacy sample questions. If you are seeking Numeracy support only, complete the 10 Numeracy sample questions. Complete both Literacy and Numeracy questions if you are seeking both Literacy and Numeracy Support.

11.5 We, as specialist LANTITE tutors, have spent a lot of time and care writing practice exams that are as correct as possible and that demonstrate an accurate representation of the questions, answers, topics, skills and text types you would expect in a real ACER LANTITE Test.




12. Employment and Career Coaching & University Assignment Support:


12.1 Employment and Career Coaching and University Assignment Support consist of guidance, advice, feedback and overall support, to assist individuals in writing their job application/resume and assignment/s.
12.2 This kind of support strictly does not consist of completing your job applications or assignments (partial or in its entirety) on an individual’s behalf. This is a serious breach of university assignment and job application policies. It is also dishonest and unethical.
12.3 Prior to purchasing a 20-minute consultation, individuals must email to [email protected] a description of the work they need assistance with. This will be passed on to the available tutor whose expertise match the work description. We welcome an initial phone call describing the work, but providing a description of the work through this means alone is inadequate. Administration can then determine if the tutor is able to assist and thus proceed with the work. If the tutor feels that the work that is required is outside of their scope of their expertise or availability, the tutor will not proceed to support the individual with the work.

12.4 The tutor may waive the 20-minute consultation for the following reasons:

– There is limited time to assist the individual.

– The individual has provided adequate information about their job application or university assignment via phone call and/or email correspondence.


12.5 Individuals are encouraged to complete a draft of their work (university assignment, job application, cover letter, etc.) prior to their first appointment. We will provide corrective feedback for your work, such as mechanics of writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and overall expression), structure and layout. We can also assist individuals with ideas for your writing, such as brainstorming of ideas or topic-specific matter.
12.6 If individuals require an additional appointment after their first payment, another appointment will be organised after another payment is made online.
12.7 If the tutor requires more time to support you outside of the appointment time/s, such as suggestions towards the editing and drafting process, the tutor will prompt the individual to make another payment online according to the additional time (in hours) required to continue helping the individual.
12.8 If the individual’s university assignment or job application is complex, has several sections, is a difficult application or assignment for the individual to write, or has a long word count, please consider an initial payment of at least two hours of support. An approximate estimate is that 1000 words requires about one hour of support from the tutor.
12.9 Individuals must provide a minimum of one hour’s worth of support. We will not support you if, for example, your job application or university assignment support requires less than one hour of support.
12.10 Unused credit for consultations and hourly sessions expire three months after purchase date and are considered void.
12.11 The timeframe required for tutors to assist individuals with their university assignment or job application is at least three business days before the work is due. Failure to submit work to the tutor at least three business days prior may result in the tutor not having enough time to be of assistance and rejecting the service requested.
12.12 Overall, the timeframe of these services will be to the discretion of the tutor. The tutor will work within the deadlines of the work to the best of their ability.
12.13 Ultimately, it is the individual’s or student’s responsibility to ensure all assignments and/or applications are submitted to the appropriate institution on time. Master Coaching and Tuition holds no responsibility for the late submission of assignments and/or applications.


13. Legal, Ethics and Other:


13.1 Information provided in our lessons and study materials are for educational purposes only and are to be used as a guide for studying. This includes for upcoming examinations.

13.2 Master Coaching and Tuition Pty. Ltd. is not affiliated with any schools, universities, TAFEs, governing bodies, nor other tutoring businesses or companies.

13.3 Participants are encouraged to use the information provided for private study only and are not to use our study materials or tuition sessions as the only form of study/preparation for the examination.

13.4 Master Coaching and Tuition Pty. Ltd. is not to be blamed if students are not successful in passing their examinations and takes no responsibility for less-than-satisfactory results.

13.5 Participants are encouraged to seek individual or group coaching and tuition with Master Coaching and Tuition, should they desire to seek further support and build upon skills and concepts covered in study materials (if they are not receiving tuition).

13.6 Study materials are strictly for private use of the paying person only and are not to be sold for profit, shared with other people or replicated/reproduced in any way.

13.7 Master Coaching and Tuition Pty. Ltd. is covered and protected by WorkSafe Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

13.8 Pre-service teachers who provide their email address through our Contact Page, email, Facebook page or by downloading or purchasing our services or products, become subscribers of our monthly e-newsletters (released on the first day of the month). Pre-service teachers can unsubscribe at anytime by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the e-newsletter.


14. Feedback



14.1 Coaches and tutors welcome feedback about the quality of coaching and tuition they are receiving or have received.

14.2 Feel free to fill in a review in the Reviews section of our Facebook page, Google Business page, or please fill in the enquiry form on our ‘Contact Us ‘ page on our website.

14.3 Feedback given about our services may be used anonymously on our Facebook pages or on our Testimonials page on our website.