A shout out to one of my gorgeous friends and esteemed colleagues whom I have worked with for many years, so I can give testament to how great she is! If you know of anyone who is looking for a tutor….Master Coaching and Tuition is definitely worth giving a call!


Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for helping me with my LANTITE Literacy Exam Preparation. She not only taught me comprehension and technical skills strategies, but she also gave me the confidence I needed to sit this exam. Her webinars are super helpful and her explanations are clear and concise.


I am grateful for what Emily has taught me and fellow pre-service teachers in our LANTITE Literacy Group Tuition Zoom sessions. She is very knowledgeable in LANTITE. I have all the necessary resources and her useful tips mentioned in the Zoom recordings, which I can re-watch to have a better understanding. I am confident that I will be better prepared for my next attempt of my LANTITE exam in November.  It has been a great pleasure doing the course. I am feeling more confident now and at have a better understanding of the literacy exam components . It was just what I needed to enhance my LANTITE study preparation going forward. 

By far the best company for LANTITE. I felt very comfortable with Dylan and in the first session he said to me, ‘There are no stupid questions.’ From then on I was able to ask questions without feeling anxious. I am a person that doesn’t enjoy Maths but I began to like the sessions because everything was simplified.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your help with my LANTITE exams. I reached out for my Literacy exam first and Elizabeth provided some free resources for me. For my Numeracy exam I brought a practice exam and was able to use this to successfully pass. If I had not passed I would have gone back and purchased one-on-one tutoring or a workshop from her and the team. It’s not only the resources and information Elizabeth gives, it’s the extra support. Nothing is too much trouble and she checks in when she can to offer that extra support. Although I have passed both tests and my journey with LANTITE has finished I will continue to highly recommend this business for LANTITE preparations. Thank you. 🙏


Thanks to your (LANTITE Literacy) tutoring, my academic writing for assignments has improved immensely. The last two assignments submitted have said that my work was free from grammatical and spelling errors and reads well. This was all from proof reading I did myself. I wouldn’t be getting marks like that without your help. I now feel so much more confident in my writing. I was getting good marks beforehand, but this saw my grades increase from distinction and high distinction marks go to 90 and above marks. Last week I got 96% and I’ve never been so proud. 😊


I am super excited to say that I passed both (LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy Exams)!!! That is sitting both on the same day, in the end, with no break between, due to technical difficulties. Thank you both very much. The more I think about this, the happier I am; not only did I pass, I feel as though I passed well. And to top it off – first attempt, on the same day, four straight hours of exams with no breaks… I felt like a zombie after numeracy and look off where I landed 🛬. Literacy, always going to be more difficultly with different writing styles, etc, still happy with my results there too. Thank you all very much once again. 🥳


I am really thankful to Elizabeth and want to commend her team for creating such great resources and tests. I found the tests very similar to the LANTITE Literacy Exam and it made me challenge myself. I appreciate Elizabeth for answering questions about material or tests so promptly. I would highly recommend their tests and resources to everyone.


I PASSED (my LANTITE Literacy Exam, third attempt)!! It’s been a stressful month waiting for my results, and I am over the moon that I am able to graduate with my friends within the next two weeks! I cannot thank you enough for all of your dedication and support over the past four months. For that, I am truly grateful! Your details will definitely be passed onto friends who need further assistance within their lantite journey.


‘Emily’s (LANTITE Literacy Group Tuition) sessions are thoroughly created to meet our needs. Explanations are very clear and she shows us exactly what needs to be looked at in the comprehension passages. I have used her strategies and my answers are correct with the practice papers. Emily is a very dedicated tutor and she enjoys teaching us. I feel it is not about how she quickly delivers the lesson but how she wholeheartedly helps us to get through this massive hurdle. She reples to our emails promptly, which I appreciate, too. Thanks a lot, Emily. I’m really looking forward to a few more interactive sessions with her.’ 

Thank you so much. “This LANTITE Numeracy Group Tuition course has been extremely helpful. I have learned a lot from Anastasiia, explaining skills and all the extra resources we have access to. I think it (the course) is really well put together.

“I booked in a resume writing session with Elizabeth’s team. They were very professional and helped me to edit my resume into a new level. They also provided me with some examples of how to write selection criteria, so this helped me better to prepare for my job application and interview at the end of this week. I really appreciate their help and support over the past two weeks. It has been a wonderful experience.

Ali is awesome. I just finished five sessions with him and am feeling a lot more confident about my next LANTITE Numeracy attempt.  I highly recommend Ali! So professional and friendly. Your programs are excellent and I am thankful that I found your services. It’s been so helpful and I want to make sure I’m more than ready for my final numeracy attempt.

Annette has taught me a lot of valuable skills over the the past seven months. I have seen a lot of improvements in my (LANTITE) literacy skills. Annette is very kind and patient with me, which I highly appreciate. I’ve learnt a lot from her and I appreciate her time.


Thank you so much, Maddy. Thank you for being so understanding and supportive. I really appreciate it. I feel so fortunate to have met you. You support me not just with the LANTITE Literacy exam, but also emotionally and you build my confidence. I was in a situation when I kept thinking about whether or not I am able to do this test again or change courses. You are an angel that speaks out for me and brings light and help to me. Many, many thanks.

I would like to express my gratitude to Anastasiia and the entire management team at Master Coaching and Tuition. I participated in the four-week group numeracy tuition with Anastasiia, and it greatly improved my timing, ideas, and knowledge. Thanks to this program, I successfully passed my test on my first try.


Elizabeth, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for getting my daughter K. over the line. I cried when she informed me she had passed. Actually, our whole family cried!! We are immensely proud of her success and how hard she has worked but equally grateful for your incredible attention to detail and the LANTITE-focused program that has been paramount in her success. What’s more, is that she can now
move forward in her chosen vocation with confidence and pride. So much thanks to you! Your tailored program is a brilliant initiative. Thank you.


Excellent tuition and quality tutors. The team at Master Coaching & Tuition have supported our family over the past couple of years with positive growth that we’re so happy to see reflected in results and confidence.


Emma was amazing. She addressed the areas I needed to work on for my ISLPR Test preparation. Her explanations of the topics were clear and concise. I was having a hard time with my subject and verb agreement and the use of prepositions. I knew the rules but it seemed like she just opened my eyes to another way of looking at what to fix and where to fix it, and then I felt like I was not blind anymore.


Thank you so much to Felicity for putting all the information together regarding the ISLPR Test in a webinar (package). It makes much easier to understand the whole process. I really like your way of explaining (the ISLPR Test).


Felicity was my tutor for LANTITE Literacy. She was very supportive, never rushed me and made me feel that I could succeed at the questions. Was very helpful at breaking questions down into different aspects and working on skills needed to be able to answer questions. Without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to pass on my second attempt.


We have received hundreds of testimonials over the years. Thank you so much for your feedback. 

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