“A shout out to one of my gorgeous friends and esteemed colleagues who I have worked with for many years, so I can give testament to how great she is! If you know of anyone who is looking for a piano teacher, or Maths or English tutor…. Elizabeth Nicholls is definitely worth giving a call!” (M.B.-M.), colleague, November, 2018.)

“Really supportive and provided me with simple strategies/ steps on how to work out different Maths equations.” (C.J., LANTITE Numeracy student, December, 2018.)

“I am always being asked about piano and music teachers in the area. Here is a very experienced and qualified music teacher who has moved into the Knox area.” (D.F., piano tuner, January, 2019.)

“Thanks very much for all your work you have put into the (beginner piano) classes.” (J.D., parent, September, 2019.)

“(Student’s name) is so excited and looks forward to starting (piano and theory lessons) with you next year.” (L.N, parent, December, 2019.)

“Thank you for the time and effort you have put into teaching (student’s name) piano this year. He does enjoy his lessons.” (A.M., grandparent, December, 2019.)

“I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me. Without you, I probably would still be playing ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. But now I feel like Beethoven himself! Thank you.” (Aspiring 12 year old piano student, December, 2019.)

“Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to (student’s name). She had a great time learning Music and English with you. Thank you so much. See you in 2020.” (S.S. parent, December, 2019.)

“Appreciate all you have done this last term with our transition from Adelaide and keeping (student’s name) connected to piano lessons etc.” (M.G, parent, December, 2019.)

“Thank you for your helpful assistance with my retirement speech. I delivered it just last week at my retirement party.”(L.P, retired counsellor, December, 2019.)

“You are a good (saxophone) teacher and thanks for being patient when teaching me… I wish you to have a successful career and happiness life in the future… thanks 😊 (S., mature-age saxophone student, March, 2020.)

“Thank you for your help during the past few months.” 
(E.W., parent of primary-age English student, June, 2020.)

“Thanks again for your help!” (J.M, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“Thanks for everything, Elizabeth.” (S.N, mother of LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“Thanks for all your support.” (M.A, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“Thank you again! I really appreciate it.” (N.G, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“Thank you for your time in helping me to try my best.” (R.R, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“Thanks for your support so far.” (F.K, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“Elizabeth has been a godsend and I wouldn’t have known how hard it (the school work) has been for (my son) without her persistence.” (Parent of English student, August, 2020.)

“She’s honestly hands-down amazing and so understanding. She gave me tons of resources to use in such a short period that I did tutoring with her. She’s awesome! I have found other tutors in the past but she’s been the most encouraging.” (C.S, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“Elizabeth is great! I highly recommend! Elizabeth was personal and supportive. Elizabeth is very calm and kind. Helps the nerves a lot!” (A.R, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“I was a lot more focused (completing the exam again with the help of you as my tutor) and used the strategies you suggested…Thank you so much for everything!” (N.B, LANTITE Literacy Student, August, 2020.)

“She continues to just LOVE her lessons with you and you’ve been so helpful in expanding her skills and knowledge heaps.  When I told her I was writing to you now she said to say, ‘Mrs Nicholls is the best teacher ever!’ ” (S.H, parent of Junior English student, August, 2020.)

“You have been wonderful and I have loved our sessions. I’m very grateful for coming across your services and you have been amazing. I would love to use your services in the future.” (M.M, LANTITE Literacy student, September, 2020.)

“You have been such a driver of our children’s success in music in the last few years. We are very grateful.” (Parent of music students, September, 2020.)

“Thank you for your commitment to both our sons’ education in Music and English.” (Parent of music students, September, 2020.)