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We provide quality & comprehensive teaching of important English, EAL & Psychology skills required for school, exams, your career and for life. 

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds & of all ages & abilities.


A diverse range of carefully-designed support options are available. 

One-on-one Coaching & Tuition & Study Materials Available (click on hyperlinks):

Year 7 – 10 English & EAL

Year 11 – 12 & Adult Learners English & EAL (including IELTS & ISLPR)

ISLPR Test Study Package


University Assignment Support

Wellbeing Support Sessions

Online one-on-one tuition is available around Australia and worldwide.


Specialist tutors.

Lessons are personalised and tailored to suit your learning needs and goals.

Lessons are one hour in duration and are recorded upon request.

Ample strategies, resources, homework, guidance and feedback provided.

Our products and services are categorised into three main levels of support: low, moderate and high. Please use as a guide only.


Learning support available in the following areas:



  • English and EAL Tuition (Year 7 to Year 12 and Post Secondary [Tertiary/University/TAFE]).
  • IELTS Test.
  • ISLPR Test.
  • ACER Exams such as LANTITE, LLN and Police and PSO Entrance Exams.
  • Aptitude Testing for the Defence Forces & Emergency Services: Fire Brigade, Royal Navy, Australian Army and Air Force (RAAF).
  • Entrance and Finishing Exams, including Select Entry School Exams.
  • Scholarship Program Applications.
  • Business English.
  • Spelling, Grammar and Reading Comprehension including NAPLAN Preparation.
  • Writing support for a variety of different text types, including essays and exam writing prompts, assistance with word publishing programs.
  • Speaking & Oral Presentation Skills, including speaking exams, public speaking, conference presentation preparation.
  • University Assignment Support.
  • Employment and Career Coaching Support. This includes assistance with your CV, resume and job applications, including selection criterion.




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Master Coaching and Tuition – IELTS & ISLPR Test Support

 We tutor English and EAL, including IELTS & ISLPR Test Support in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


* Reading support, covering a range of text types and contexts appropriate for individual’s areas of expertise.

* Writing support, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and writing structure.

* Writing prompts are provided, suitable to your chosen career path and covering a range of contexts.

* Speaking support, using proficient conversational English tools.

* Listening support, using a range of listening prompts, strategies and resources.

* Exam-taking strategies, including how to manage performance anxiety, stress and time.

* Receive ample feedback in all skill areas, to allow improvement, mastering of skills and having confidence in English for your exam, for your career and for life.


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EAL students studying for their ISLPR Test receive our ISLPR Test Study Package for free, if 5 or 10 lessons are purchased upfront.

For more information and to book, click on the links in the boxes below:

ISLPR Test Study Package


  • A comprehensive online study package, covering Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills required for proficiency in the ISLPR Test.
  • Carefully designed to allow for effective and sufficient independent study through self-paced learning tasks and assessments.
  • Unlimited access. Printable.
  • Our ISLPR Test Study Package is included in our Rose Gold, Gold, Sapphire, Platinum and Diamond One-on-one Tuition Packages.


For more information and to purchase, click on the link in the box below:

Psychology Coaching & Tuition

Year 10, 11 and 12 Psychology

Tertiary Psychology (Undergraduate Courses)

TAFE/Vocational Studies


* A qualified, experienced teacher and tutor will look after you
* Online and Offline Support
* Homework Assistance
* Exam Preparation 
* Guidance and Support overall.

Payments upfront and via installments are available.


For more information and to purchase, click the links in the boxes below:

University Assignment Support

Teaching Subjects & Courses (including GTPA)









* Online and Offline Support
* Qualified teachers who specialise in your subject area
* Brainstorming
* Structure and design
* Proofreading and editing
* Annotated feedback
* Guidance and support.

Payments upfront and via installments are available.


For more information and to purchase, click the links in the boxes below:

Wellbeing Support Sessions

Online Support for students preparing for and sitting their exams:




School Exams

Tertiary Exams

TAFE and Vocational Exams



Alice, your coach, can support you in the following areas:


  • Performance Anxiety Management
  • Stress Management
  • Time & Organisation Management
  • Healthy Mindset Training.
  • Strategies, Resources, Training and Support for effective study and exam taking
  • Suitable for individuals sitting exams at a secondary, tertiary and vocational level.


Sessions are personalised and tailored to suit the individual’s needs. Sessions are recorded upon request.

Our quick tips as you learn English:

English is a fantastic language to learn. Reading, writing and speaking regularly is very important for an individual’s learning.

  1. Read regularly. Texts can be in the form of a novel, encyclopedia, newspaper, magazine. Reading exposes readers to a wide range of vocabulary and grammar and models excellent writing techniques. You also can learn alot about the world.

Dr.-Seuss-quotes-about-reading_imagine-forest_world-book-day-2017.png“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” (Dr Seuss)

2. Write regularly. Writing can be in the form of a journal, blog or creative writing (narratives, poetry). Writing allows you to practise writing skills learnt. It is also an invaluable opportunity to explore writing styles and express thoughts, opinions and ideas.


3. Speak regularly. Preparing for an upcoming oral presentation or speech in front of an audience can be daunting. Remember to practise regularly in front of family, friends, your mirror, your video camera. The more you practise, the more confident and more prepared and capable you will become! Get involved in activities in your life where public speaking occurs frequently or naturally. E.g. Join a debating team, lead a hobby group, share your reading or writing with others.

4. Listen regularly. Listen to audio books, TED Talks, educational YouTube clips, English apps, in particular, conversational apps.

5. Visit the library regularly. Libraries are fantastic resource hubs! You can read and borrow books etc. You can also join a library reading group. Libraries often run school holiday programs.

6. Play an English app. If you own an iPad or tablet, browse the Apple App. or Google Play Store. There are many educational apps. that can be used: grammar, spelling, conversation, etc. They are fun and educational, which are designed to support your learning of English.

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