Year 11-12 & Adult Learners English & EAL One-on-one Coaching & Tuition



Online tuition, on Zoom, Australia-wide and worldwide. Strategies, resources, support, guidance & feedback provided.


Qualified teachers who are specialist tutors, online, on Zoom. Lessons are one hour in duration and are recorded upon request.

Ample strategies, resources, support, guidance and feedback provided, so that you can master your English skills and be prepared for your upcoming exam, for your career and for life.


How we can support you, in summary. This includes ISLPR Test Support:

* Reading support, covering a range of text types and contexts appropriate for individual's areas of expertise.

* Writing support, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and writing structure.

* Writing prompts are provided, suitable to your chosen career path and covering a range of contexts.

* Speaking support, using proficient conversational English tools.

* Listening support, using a range of listening prompts, strategies and resources.

* Exam-taking strategies, including how to manage performance anxiety, stress and time.

* Receive ample feedback in all skill areas, to allow improvement, mastering of skills and having confidence in English for your exam, for your career and for life.


Have a 20-minute consultation with us first, to discuss your learning needs and plan your learning goals.

Your one-on-one tutor provides many resources in your lessons on a guided basis, regardless of which tuition package you purchase. It’s important to allow your tutor to guide and support you as to how to effectively use the resources we provide, to maximise learning outcomes, overall proficiency and your chances of passing your upcoming exams (if you are preparing for one).

Lifelong learning of Literacy, not just for your exams, but also for your career and for life (holistic approach).

Learn more than just important Literacy skills and exam-taking strategies: Critical, high-level thinking, Teamwork, Motivation, Communication skills, Collaboration, Leadership, Problem solving, Improved academic performance, Improved self esteem, Improved study habits, Improved retention, Improved personal growth, Confidence, Empathy, Patience and flexibility, Organisational skills, Stress and workload management, Self care strategies.


* To maximise your enjoyment of one-on-one tuition and to give yourself the best chance of passing your exam, we highly recommend attending at least five weekly lessons, so that we can cover all topics, concepts and skills required for adequate preparation, monitor your improvement, provide thorough guidance and advise when you’re ready to sit your exam/s. We also recommend being an active participant by engaging in all class activities with your tutor and completing homework set. 

Writing Support is available 'online' and 'offline'. Submit your practice writing pieces after making a minimum of a one-hour tuition fee payment (as advised by your tutor). Receive detailed, constructive feedback, to help you improve your skills. If you need more than one-hour of support, we will advise accordingly.

EAL students studying for their ISLPR Test receive our ISLPR Test Study Package for free, if 5 or 10 lessons are purchased upfront. Payment plans are available.

Check Terms and Conditions page for expiry dates of One-on-one Tuition Packages.

Additional information

Yr 11+

20-Minute One-on-one Consultation (Bronze Package), 1 One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Session (Silver Package), 20-Minute Consultation, Study Plan & Study Materials (Rose Gold Package), 5 Discounted One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Sessions (Gold Package), 5 Discounted One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Sessions + 1-hour Wellbeing Support Session (Sapphire Package), 10 Discounted One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Sessions (Platinum Package), 10 Discounted One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Sessions + 1-hour Wellbeing Support Session (Diamond Package), Writing Support for IELTS & ISLPR – Online or Offline


English, EAL (including ISLPR), EAL (including IELTS)


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