LANTITE Rose Gold Packages – 20-Minute Consultation, Study Plan & Study Materials


* Recommended for students needing low to moderate-level support.


Our LANTITE Rose Gold Packages consist of the following items:

1. A 20-minute consultation with a specialist LANTITE tutor.

2. A personalised study plan, carefully designed by your tutor, catering for your unique learning needs and goals.

3. LANTITE study materials, including three full-length LANTITE Practice (Mock) Exams.

This package includes our Performance Anxiety, Stress & Time Management webinar.

A terrific LANTITE Support option for pre-service teachers who would like to study independently for their upcoming Literacy or Numeracy Test.

Our LANTITE Rose Gold Package can be utilised using the following steps:

1. Complete the short survey in the link in your confirmation order email. Await an email from your tutor, who will look after you.

2. Complete one full-length practice exam from your package.

3. Email your tutor the results of your practice exam and (if applicable) any previous work or results you would like to show your tutor: for example, past exam results (practice tests or actual ACER tests).

Email your learning needs and goals with your tutor.

4. Offline, your tutor will carefully design and then provide for you (through a secure folder) a detailed, personalised study plan, embedded with study materials.

5. Meet with your specialist LANTITE tutor in a 20-minute consultation, live, on Zoom. Your tutor will go through your study plan and explain how to complete it and answer any questions you may have. The 20-minute consultation will be recorded for you to watch afterwards.


If the pre-service teacher requires further support after completing this package, please seek tuition support from our group tuition or one-on-one tuition program.

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LANTITE Rose Gold Packages - 20-Minute Consultation, Study Plan & Study Materials

LANTITE Literacy, LANTITE Numeracy


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