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We are a team of qualified teachers, specialist coaches and tutors, available to support you and to help you achieve your learning goals and needs.

Founder, Director, Administrator, Website Design: Elizabeth

Co-Founder, Assistant Director: Peter

Assistant Director: Emily


LANTITE Literacy, English and EAL Tutors: Elizabeth, Emily, Felicity, Madeleine, Christine, Alice and Zahara.

LANTITE Numeracy and Mathematics Tutors: Dylan, Ali and Anastasiia.

Humanities Tutor: Zahara

Psychology Tutor and Wellbeing Support Sessions Coach: Alice

Employment and Career Coach: Peter

University Assignment Support; Resume Writing Support: Anastasiia, Felicity, Christine, Madeleine and Zahara.

Founder, Director, Leading LANTITE Literacy Tutor:

Elizabeth Nicholls

A testimonial:

‘I had a great experience working with Master Coaching and Tuition. Elizabeth provided the ongoing support through providing me a vast amount of resources at my disposal. She went out of her way to check in and guide me throughout my preparation, which I will forever be grateful for. If you need LANTITE support, you’re getting it from the very best.’ J.


Elizabeth (B. Mus. B. Teach Hons. Full VIT Registration) is an experienced and passionate classroom teacher, tutor, coach, mentor and resume writer. She makes learning enjoyable and achievable for children and adults.

Elizabeth is available to help you ‘Master’ your chosen subject, to help you achieve your learning goals, to assist you with your learning needs and to assist you in achieving the skills required to be confident and capable in your chosen subject. Elizabeth has enjoyed many years teaching and mentoring students through their love of learning.

  • Elizabeth has taught for many years as a Classroom and Instrumental Music teacher to primary and secondary school students.
  • Elizabeth has taught for many years as a Classroom English teacher to secondary school students, as well as private English tuition to primary and secondary school students.
  • Elizabeth is a Casual Relief Teacher at a secondary college and enjoys teaching all Year 7 to 12 subjects.
  • Elizabeth is a teaching mentor to pre-service and graduate teachers completing their tertiary studies or first probationary year in school teaching, including VIT portfolio mentorship.
  • Elizabeth spends most of her time tutoring and coaching pre-service teachers preparing for their LANTITE Literacy Examination. She is an expert in the LANTITE Exams.
  • Elizabeth has written, presented and recorded numerous LANTITE webinars for effective and thorough LANTITE preparation. She has written LANTITE Literacy Practice Exams and has sourced hundreds of online resources suitable for LANTITE preparation.
  • Elizabeth loves supporting hundreds of pre-service teachers each year, nation-wide and internationally. She understands the importance of having strong literacy skills as an individual, as a teacher in the classroom and for life.
  • She provides ongoing training and support to her large team of tutors, modelling and passing on teaching excellence and providing guidance.
  • Elizabeth enjoys preparing students for upcoming school exams such as NAPLAN.
  • She has run EAL classes for individuals and groups, including employees working in factories.
  • Overall, Elizabeth adores the English language and the art of teaching it, helping students develop a passion for writing, speaking and listening.
  • Elizabeth gives ample feedback in regards to grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, as well as overall design and layout. Elizabeth has been teaching English in Australia as well as abroad, including Cambodia and Indonesia.


Meet Elizabeth

Co-Founder, Assistant Director, Employment & Career Coach: Peter Nicholls 


A testimonial:

“Prior to my main interview with UQ, I had a practice interview with Peter. I should mention that he is an excellent coach. He slowly went over everything and, while we had the UQ interview questions, he did not limit us to them. Instead, he checked the position description and added some questions that, surprisingly, the UQ managers asked the same questions during the actual interview. The entire experience astounded me. I wholeheartedly recommend him. I am convinced that he has a wealth of knowledge in this field and is capable of assisting job seekers significantly.” A.


  • Bachelor of Commerce  (Accounting and Finance, Monash University)
  • Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Cert IV in Graphic and Web Design
  • Cert IV in Small Business Management
  • Peter is a qualified accountant. One of his jobs was managing World Vision’s Budget, plus other Management roles.
  • Other roles in his career have included Community Services / NFP Consulting and Graphic Design.
  • Peter has been committed to direct coaching and training teams and individuals.

Peter has a wealth of experience, having held diverse Leadership roles in the workforce over the past 30 years:  eg. Chartered and Management Accounting, Charity Fundraising with World Vision, Graphic and Web Design, Bookshop Retail Management, Sales and Marketing  plus a decade of front-line Community work.

Peter is a wonderfully warm-hearted communicator, with a gracious, empathetic personality and sound relating and networking skills, which are crucial credentials as a tutor and coach.

Peter’s specific expertise includes:

  • Building Strong vibrant “People Networks”
  • Building Motivated and inspired teams
  • Career and Life Coaching, having coached and mentored over 200+ Graduates
  • Direct Communicating and Creative copy for Message delivery
  • Fundraising and Donor cultivation strategies.
  • EAL/ESL coaching and tuition, in particular, Conversational English

Peter has a Level 2 in First Aid, as well as Mental Health First Aid Training. Peter has a current WWCC (Working with Children’s Check), including current NPHCs (National Police History Checks).


Meet Peter

Assistant Director, LANTITE Literacy Tutor: Emily Simmenauer


A testimonial:

‘I have passed… I honestly could not have completed this without you, Emily! It was my third attempt and I am forever grateful you have helped me secure my dream job in education. I now have some amazing resources and some really good tactics I will have for life and I am so excited…You have been amazing!’ K.


Emily Simmenauer (Double Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) / Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University) is an enthusiastic and professional English and Literacy tutor who has spent years as both a student and teacher of her chosen subjects. Emily can teach all age groups: Prep-Year 10 English and EAL, VCE English and Literature, LANTITE Literacy and Adult EAL.

Emily has experience in public and private schools as a pre-service teacher and volunteer for the Deakin University Alliance Program in schools across Victoria, providing her with diverse professional skills in English and Literacy in order to provide individualised tutoring sessions, personally tailored to your individual capabilities and learning style. These tutoring sessions are also in alignment with VCAA curriculum (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) and AITSL (Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership) teaching standards.

Emily supports numerous LANTITE Literacy students each year in her popular LANTITE Literacy Group Tuition Course, which she created in 2021. Through Emily’s proficient teaching abilities and acute understanding of the Literacy LANTITE, as well as her energy, guidance and support, many students have achieved LANTITE Literacy Success and have entered the teaching profession with confidence and with strong Literacy skills for life, which they can impart to their own students.

Emily herself has undertaken and passed the LANTITE test in 2019 and understands the pressure and nerves that are associated with concentrating on being successful in the LANTITE test alongside university study and teaching practicum. However, she believes her experience and professional knowledge will support students in both developing practical skills for undertaking the LANTITE, and also boost their confidence and resilience in being able to tackle any challenge that the test throws at them.

Emily has developed her passion for reading and writing since Primary school that has led her to majoring in Literary studies in her own university education, so whilst she is a tutor and teacher she believes that she is also a learner (Locke 2014) alongside and in collaboration with her students, and understands that in order to motivate learning you must have a positive rapport with your students (Bidwell & Waller cited in Pace 2003, p. 37).

Emily uses High Impact Teaching Strategies (HIT) from the Victorian Department of Education to inform and structure her tutoring sessions in order for students to access a wide range of activities that are both challenging and informative. Emily also frequently seeks feedback from students and their families in order to advise her own personal self-reflection on her professional pedagogies and praxis, so she can grow and adapt her teaching skills.

high impact

If you need effective and constructive feedback on homework, School Assessed Coursework (SACs), Exam preparation for VCE English and Literature, Common Assessment Tasks (CATs), and LANTITE for Pre-Service Teachers, Emily would love to be in contact with you, to assist in coaching and tuition for you to be successful in your personal educational goals.


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  • Locke, T 2014, Developing writing teachers: practical ways for teacher-writers to transform their classroom practice, Routledge, retrieved 1 July 2018, ProQuest Ebook Central.
  • Pace, JL 2003, Managing the dilemmas of professional and bureaucratic authority in a high school English class’, Sociology of Education, vol. 76, pp. 37-52.


Meet Emily

Meet Felicity

LANTITE Numeracy Tutor: Dylan Bissell


A testimonial:

“By far the best company for LANTITE. I felt very comfortable with Dylan and in the first session he said to me, ‘There are no stupid questions.’ From then on I was able to ask questions without feeling anxious. I am a person that doesn’t enjoy Maths but I began to like the sessions because everything was simplified.” E.


Dylan (Bachelor of Education: Early Childhood and Primary) is a highly devoted and passionate mathematical tutor that has spent years continuing to develop the method in which he teaches. Dylan can teach all age groups; primary school, high school, university and LANTITE Numeracy. Helping to reach your mathematical goals. Dylan’s strong point and passion has always been Mathematics. This has led him to pass the LANTITE Numeracy test on his first attempt.

Dylan is confident he will be able to coach anyone who needs tutoring prior to sitting their LANTITE test. His first-hand experience and knowledge of the LANTITE test allows him to effectively prepare his students to achieve LANTITE Success.

Dylan is an avid LANTITE Numeracy study materials writer and has written full-length practice exams for effective LANTITE Numeracy preparation.

Dylan has experience as an early childhood teacher. As an early childhood teacher, one of the most important responsibilities is developing and implementing a curriculum to assist in meeting learning outcomes. Dylan has also been a private tutor for many years and has assisted students to successfully achieve their learning goals.

“We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.” Lloyd

Dylan is a strong believer in the importance of working out problems independently rather than having the answer given to you. This is what his teaching strategy is based off. Ensuring students develop the ability to work autonomously, and gain the skills to find solutions.

Dylan is able to meet your Mathematical learning needs and build confidence in the subject by offering a curriculum that is best suited to the way that you learn. Dylan personalises his education by using the interests of his students as the backbone of how the learning is created and delivering each session. Each session will teach to develop the student’s strengths while minimising the students’ weaknesses.

Dylan displays great interpersonal skills and will ensure that the student/family is kept up to date with everything that occurs with feedback from each session.

The curriculum that is delivered by Dylan is delivered with a combination of gathering knowledge from a variety of different, reliable sources, collaborating while going through examples relating to the chosen topic, working through a variety of different learning opportunities to create further understanding, completing homework in order to develop further and asking open-ended questions throughout, to gather an understanding of how conclusions are met.


Meet Dylan

Meet Anastasiia

Meet Ali

Meet Madeleine

Meet Christine

LANTITE Literacy, English, EAL, Psychology Tutor and Wellbeing Support Sessions Coach: Alice Kunjumon  


A testimonial:

‘Alice is supporting me through my reading comprehension component by explicitly teaching me how to break down different types of genres, the language each genre will use, the tone and purpose, in order to answer the questions more confidently. It wasn’t until I initially spoke with Alice, that I now realise where I have been going wrong. Furthermore, I will continue practising these skills: firstly, to acquire the knowledge and skills in regards to language and literature; secondly, to work towards hopefully passing my English Exam soon.’ P.


Alice Kunjumon is a qualified English and Psychology secondary school teacher. With many years of tutoring experience in English and Psychology, Alice has supported students across different educational systems, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), the Victorian Curriculum and private one-on-one tuition classes.

In addition to her tutoring background, Alice has worked in university settings, where she provided valuable career coaching, mentoring and student services.

Alice’s dedication to student success extends to her LANTITE tutoring, where she helps aspiring teachers navigate the challenges of the LANTITE Literacy test with confidence and proficiency. Having successfully passed the LANTITE test herself on her first attempt, Alice possesses a deep understanding of the test structure and effective preparation strategies for reading comprehension and technical writing skills.

Alice’s approach to tutoring emphasises personalised learning, ensuring that each student receives support tailored to their unique learning styles and needs. She guides her students through targeted practice exercises and provides constructive feedback, to help them build strong literacy skills essential for their teaching careers. Moreover, she is able to identify her students’ strengths and weaknesses and suggests effective ways to improve.

Alice also tutors EAL and is proficient in ISLPR Test preparation in the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Alice looks forward to meeting new students and having the opportunity to help them achieve their learning goals and needs.



Meet Alice


LANTITE Literacy, English, EAL and Humanties Tutor: Zahara Cox  (On Leave)


Zahara Cox is a qualified, impassioned classroom teacher and tutor of Literacy, English, and Humanities. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Teaching from The University of Melbourne. Zahara has experience working as a teacher in secondary schools and has a repertoire of English
and Humanities subjects that she has experience teaching. Zahara works with students of all abilities to achieve their learning goals. Zahara has also
worked as a tutor for a number of years, including working with VCE students to achieve their ATAR goals.

Zahara has first-hand experience with the LANTITE Tests, successfully passing on her first attempts when she was a pre-service teacher. Zahara has plenty of exam-taking strategies to help you manage anxiety, nerves and stress associated with preparing for and sitting this important test.

Zahara has experience working with English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, helping them to improve their literacy skills. She strives to create a learning environment that encourages and supports students who are less familiar with the English language. Zahara has experience writing materials that are designed expressly for EAL students to optimise their learning experience. Her experience working with EAL students has
broadened her understanding of cultural backgrounds and their key role in the lives of her students. Zahara employs techniques to ensure that students from varying backgrounds are not disadvantaged in the education system.

Both as a tutor and a teacher, Zahara is passionate about connection in education. She endeavours to build bridges with her students to overcome their learning challenges and create an environment where students feel comfortable to share and ask any questions that they may have. Zahara’s focus on connection and collaboration sets her students up for success through a thorough support system. Zahara recognises that learners are all different in their pathways to success and utilises pedagogies and praxis to support a wide range of student learners.

Zahara is capable of supporting many different student demographics, from students seeking support on the literacy section of the LANTITE exam to students who require assistance with English and Humanities coursework. Zahara also works with EAL students and is available for assignment and résumé tuition support.

In her spare time, Zahara loves to spend time with her family and her two dogs. She also enjoys cuddling up with a good book by the fire on cold days. Zahara would love to work with you to meet your learning goals.


Meet Zahara



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