LANTITE Practice Exams



Completion of LANTITE Practice Exams are a crucial part of your LANTITE preparations. 


We have 12 full-length LANTITE Practice Exams available in bundles of 3, 6 and 12.

We also have a Sample Practice Exam. Use as a short diagnostic test. 


Unlimited access.

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  • Our LANTITE study materials comprehensively cover topics and skills required to pass LANTITE and are designed for effective independent study. Unlimited access. Practice Exams are in PDF format and can be printed, if required.


  • Our LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy Practice Exams have been written in the style of an actual exam. They have been deliberately designed to mimic the real LANTITE exams, in terms of length (65 questions), topics and skills tested, range of text types, levels of difficulty and types of questions asked.


  • Includes answers, detailed explanations and study tips, to help you to study and improve. Unlimited access. 


Why is it important to complete LANTITE Practice Exams?

* To use as a diagnostic tool, to see how you are going when you commence your LANTITE studies.

* To practise completing full-length, 65-question exams (with Band 1, 2 and 3 questions, just like a real exam), under test conditions.

* To assess the skills you are going well with and the skills that require improvement and to be able to ‘fill the gaps’.

* To see how you improve over a period of time, by completing practice exams as you study and improve.

* Use the feedback provided in the answers, explanations, worked solutions and study tips section, to help you to study and improve.

* To increase your level of competency and confidence in sitting the exams.

* They are an excellent study tool that are reasonably priced, to support you with your upcoming exams.


Complete our Sample LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy Practice Exam (20 questions) to begin with. To be used as a diagnostic test and to sample questions to our full-length practice tests. Included in our Bronze Package for LANTITE One-on-one Tuition Support. 


Practice Exams are included in One-on-one Tuition Packages and Group Tuition Online Courses.


A testimonial:

‘I found the  practice exams to be a fantastic resource for supporting my preparation for my LANTITE. They were easy to use and designed to replicate the actual exam, which helped me to recognise which types of questions required further study. I felt confident on the day of my exams and passed well, and so am very thankful to Elizabeth and her team for developing such supportive resources.’ E.


To preview our LANTITE Study Materials, including our LANTITE Practice Exams, have a look at our Study Materials promotional video.

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LANTITE Practice Exams

Sample LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy Practice Exam, 3 LANTITE Literacy Practice Exams, 6 LANTITE Literacy Practice Exams, 3 LANTITE Numeracy Practice Exams, 6 LANTITE Numeracy Practice Exams, 6 LANTITE Literacy & 6 Numeracy Practice Exams


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