Yr 7-10 English & EAL One-on-one Coaching & Tuition


English Yr 7-10, EAL Yr 7-10, NAPLAN Coaching & Tuition. Qualified teachers who are expert tutors.
Online, on Zoom, Australia-wide and worldwide. Strategies, resources, support, guidance & feedback provided.


Tutoring will suit children, adolescents and adults who:


  • Needs assistance with their school homework or assignments.
  • Struggle with competency or confidence in English/EAL and need tasks modified and to receive lots of support.
  • Excel in English/EAL and would like accelerated tasks to extend their learning. This includes applying for scholarships.
  • Looking to apply for scholarships or select entry schools or accelerated learning programs.
  • Are new to Australia and would like to learn English, to help them with their studies (school or university), apply for Permanent Residency (preparation for English exam), seek employment, assist them in the workforce by improving their developing English.
  • Are needing to complete an entrance exam or aptitude test in order to enter The Police Force or the Defence Force.


Learning options available:


  • English & EAL Tuition (Year 7 to Year 12 and Tertiary/University/TAFE Level).
  • ACER Exams such as LANTITE Literacy, LLN and Police and PSO Entrance Exams.
  • Applying for Scholarship/s.
  • Aptitude Testing for the Defence Forces: Royal Navy, Australian Army and Air Force (RAAF): Abstract, Numerical, Logical and Verbal Reasoning Skills.
  • EAL/ESL English for Children, Adolescence and Adult English Tutoring (including students new to Australia), who need assistance in their English skills at TAFE, university (including LANTITE exams), in the workforce or with applying for PR: ISLPR, LLN exam preparation, Business English.
  • Spelling, Grammar and Reading Comprehension Tuition including NAPLAN and LANTITE Literacy Exam Preparation, Entrance or Finishing Exams, including Select Entry School Exams, Scholarship Programs, University Assignment Support.
  • Writing Tuition including creative writing, essays, analytics, use of word publishing programs.
  • Oral Presentation Skills Tuition, including public speaking, conference presentation preparation.
  • Employment Coaching and Business Communication: resume writing and job interview coaching.

Additional information

Yr 7-10

Initial 20-Minute Consultation (Bronze Package), 1 One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Session (Silver Package), 5 Discounted One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Sessions (Gold Package), 10 Discounted One-on-one Coaching and Tuition Sessions (Platinum Package)


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