Year 11-12 & Adult Learners Mathematics, Engineering & Science One-on-one Coaching & Tuition


Year 11-12 & Adult Learners Mathematics, Engineering and Science Coaching and Tuition.
Online, on Zoom, Australia-wide. Strategies, resources, support, guidance & feedback provided. Lessons are recorded upon request.



  • High-quality, one-on-one coaching and tuition lessons.
  • Super supportive and passionate tutors who are experts in their subject areas.
  • Receive undivided, individual attention, support, guidance and advice.
  • Have someone journey alongside you as you complete important homework tasks, assignments and exams.
  • Tuition lessons/sessions designed to suit your learning goals and needs.
  • Have your lessons in the comfort of your own home (as we tutor online around Australia and tutors can come to you face-to-face).
  • A team of tutors are available to tutor in the following areas:
    • Mathematics Yr 7 to 10, Year 11 and 12 (Units 1 to 4), including General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Foundation, Tertiary-level Mathematics
    • IB Tuition
    • GAT Preparation
    • NAPLAN Numeracy Test.
    • Science (Year 7 to 12) including Chemisty, Physics and Biology.
    • Engineering (Year 7 – 12 and at Tertiary level)
    • Entrance or Finishing Exams, including Select Entry School Exams, Scholarship Programs.
    • Applying for Scholarship/s.
    • University Assignment Support.
    • LANTITE Numeracy Examination Preparation.
    • ACER LLN, Police and PSO Entrance Exams.
    • ADF Aptitude Testing for the Australian Defence Forces: Royal Navy, Australian Army and Air Force (RAAF): Abstract, Numerical, Logical and Verbal Reasoning Skills.
    • GMSAT (Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test).

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Yr 11+ Maths

FREE 20 Minute Mathematics One-on-one Coaching Trial, 1 Mathematics One-on-one Coaching Session, 5 Mathematics One-on-one Coaching Sessions, 10 Mathematics One-on-one Coaching Sessions


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